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That's it I've had enough! (again)

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  • That's it I've had enough! (again)

    ..............went to a 2 day craft fair (well it was Highland Games) in Callander at the weekend. Last year I thought it was bad on the Saturday as I only cleared by table but the Sunday was great and I made double that.

    Well went back again yesterday - made £27.50 on Saturday and £9.50 on Sunday didn't even cover the cost of the table (it was £45).

    I am definitely not doing anymore of the highland games as there are too many other distracting cheap plastic crap for people to buy - if I see another of those inflatable plastic hammers I will do some b*gger an injury.

    It was absolutely mobbed (the weather was great for a change), the tent was really busy but they all walked past us in their droves - not even stopping to have a look just walking round like a heard of sheep.

    It is soooo disheartening but what do you think is it that people are more willing to buy cheap shoddy verions and don't appreciate true craft - or do people just now have the cash these days. It amazes me though people get their cheque books out and pay £600 for a painting (yes and that artist sold quite a few over the 2 days but they are beautiful) but they wont part with £6 for a candle (or any other craft it seemed at the weekend).

    Anyway that is it no more Highland Games, just stick to craft events.

    In all the years that I have attended craft fairs I always at the very least covered my table costs - never once did I not make the table - this year Ihave to say that I have not covered the costs of my table more times that I have actually covered the costs - what the hell is going on?

    Sorry all just had to blow a bit of steam.

    If you are still awake many thanks for reading this rant.



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    Sorry to hear that you had such a rubbish time this weekend. I can't give you any advice so.. just have my good wishes. I hope the next one you do will be better.
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      It's actually the same all over the country. Lots of small crafters and suppliers are going under at the moment. This year has seen record numbers of craft events cancelled and we are all in a buy it cheep mode nowadays.
      Last month my tumble drier broke and I shopped long and hard to find the model I wanted at the cheepest price, and with stores like primark springing up everywhere with really cheep produce in people are getting into cheap mode like there is no tomorrow. I bought some necklaces in primark that were so rediculously cheap and very pretty, but I broke them up and used the componants. So i'm guilty of the same type of thing............. But ............
      I am so fed up of attending events and have the browsers scanning my stall, I do the chat and the smile and then watch people walk away going "£6.00 for a necklace that's ridiculus"
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        Maybe the way forward is t'internet?

        People are strange


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          Hi Lisa,

          Sorry to hear that, especially as I'm in the same location as you so am also affected. I'm just going to do some local Christmas fairs I think, that's mainly what I did last year and although I didn't think they were especially successful at the time, I realise now that they were (just in comparison to summer events). I do quite enjoy the Christmas fairs, even if I don't sell a lot.

          To think I used to worry that I might run out of stock if I did a fair!
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            Originally posted by Andamento View Post
            Hi Lisa,

            To think I used to worry that I might run out of stock if I did a fair!
            I was talking to one of the other crafters at the weekend and said just that. Now if it happened I would be clicking my heels and sod going the next day if I was sold out!!!



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              Sorry to hear you had a bad time. All the time and effort that goes into it it just makes you sick I know.

              Wishing you loads of success in the future though.


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                Sorry you had an awful time Lisa. I agree with you people dont understand the value of handcrafted things. Its even harder when you have stores like Primark selling "throw away" items. Our local Au Naturalle is now selling card and jewellery making kits for next to nothing, it drives me barmy!

                Dont lose heart your candles are lovely, any cheap candles I have bought never burn evenly and I end up with an ugly lump of useless wax! The next time I buy candles expect a visit from me!



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                  I'm sorry your craft fair didn't work out, Lisa.

                  I rather think that everyone else has the right of it though, we are swamped with cheap, throwaway goods from the far east - a cardmaking kit, to make 5 cards, can be had for as little as 99p. I'd be hard put to make one for 50p, when you add up the cost of the components. And that doesn't take account of your time.

                  The kits may well be very cheap, but they look it too. There is very little of original design or thought in them: it's just a case of arranging pre-supplied components on the blank card - which is quite thin. I bought a pack to see what you get: There were in fact some very nice, heavy charms in there. They bent the card. I did use the charms, but on 260gsm card, which was a lot sturdier.

                  I am waiting for details of a local craft fair - Katian told me of it - in Pelsall on 3rd November, so I will have to get the Christmas stuff out and wait for inspiration! I don't know when I'll get the details with this postal strike.

                  I didn't know that Au Naturelle were beginning to stock craft stuff. I haven't been for a while: I buy their seagrass trays and baskets to put my cards in on the stall.

                  I do hope you have better luck nearer Christmas, Lisa.


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                    I understand and agree with you too Lisa. I had such high hopes for craft fayres when I started and also remember being worried I would run out of stock! People just aren't attending /vuying it seems to me. I will try some fayres at xmas and see how they go. I do enjoy doing fayres as its nice to meet other crafters, but when I add up how much it costs me and then think that I have made about 3 sales in the 7 that I have done this year, I have to draw the line. Will see how xmas goes. Ebay seems to be my best market which is good but a shame at the same time - would love for real craft fayres to take off again.
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