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Beacon Centre Gala Day- for Katian Krafts

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  • Beacon Centre Gala Day- for Katian Krafts

    Specially for Katian, this is - I told her about the Gala Day being held for my local residential Institute for the Blind.
    I booked a table there to sell cards and bags - my daughters ran the stall for me as I was on holiday.
    They sold the - wait for it - grand total of four cards and one bag.
    So Katian, it was as well you didn't go!

    Not only did they not do well, no one did, except the samosa lady.
    Apparently there weren't many people and those that were there weren't spending.
    I'm disappointed of course, but I'm also disappointed for the Centre itself. It runs entirely on whatever funds it can raise itself, and has relied on its Gala Days for years to give it a good financial fillip.

    I would imagine that the appalling recent weather has had a lot to do with it. Traditionally the Gala has been held in the grounds and gardens, and there is always the option then to move indoors if the weather is bad. It could be that the public didn't realise that everything could be shifted indoors, and the rain kept them away in droves.

    The table was only a tenner, so I haven't lost much, but it's very disappointing.

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    I have found out this year that the craft fairs are a whole lot quieter than they have been but the people who do go to them just aren't spending money (unless it is food you are selling - that always goes down well).

    It is rotten but like you say this flippin weather isn't helping matters either.

    Hope the next one is better.


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      It could be, Lisa, that people have got so used to being able to buy really cheap imported goods from China and the Far East that all they can see is the price.
      I only charge £1.00-£1.25 per card. This covers the cost of the materials, and a little of the capital outlay, but it certainly doesn't cover the time involved and that most important of things - the thought and the effort made in designing the article. This is true of anyone who designs anything ( with perhaps the exception of machine tools, which are designed to do a specific task!) - finding the ideas and inspirations, trying them out and jiggling them about if they don't quite work!

      I'll have to hope for a Christmas fair somewhere!


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        Hi Primmers,

        Sorry to hear it didn't go well. I didn't book in the end as I have stopped doing craft fairs now as I just don't sel anything. I agree with your coment about people just not wanting to spend. I have done well through my ebay shop so am sticking to that.

        Would you still like details of the Pelsall Craft Fair?

        Good luck with future fairs. Have you thought of approaching some shops too?

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