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Has anyone heard of Country Markets ...

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  • Has anyone heard of Country Markets ...

    hello i was looking on the net for loacl craft fairs Im in Sussex

    i was wondering if anyone has worked with Country Markets
    heres there link to there website

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    It uses less room to post a link Nicole.


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      I thought i was not allowed to post a link only trying to keep the Rules!


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        Originally posted by Nicole View Post
        I thought i was not allowed to post a link only trying to keep the Rules!
        Hi, you can post links now that you've posted more than 25times!!!

        Ive never been to a farmers market but there are a lot around my area, they are always well advertised and the impression i get is that they are quite strict about the product being hand made which can only be a good thing you won't be competing with cheap stuff.

        The other good thing would be I think the customers would be expecting to pay that bit more at a farmers market, rather than the 'craft fair' customers who a lot of the time don't seem to understand why things are more expensive than the local pound shop.


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          Hi Nicole

          I don't think a country market is the same as a farmer's market, looking at what it says about country markets you put the items you want to sell with them and they put it with similar items on one table - not sure I like the sound of that, as possibly different quality? And it says you get your money less % at the end of each month - any interest on that?

          With Farmers Markets you have your own stall and customers pay you. I must admit I wouldn't like to give control to someone else...


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            that 10% should be about it

            there is No charge though! and if i dont sell anything then i will not losse out to much on hire a table

            i Dont know about it yet
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              Hi Nicole

              The Country Markets are run by the Womans Institute. You don't have your own table and everything has to be packaged & labeled just how they like it, if not you won't be able to sell you items. Also it's mainly fresh produce that is sold here lots of cakes, jams & chuntneys which all of the old ladies have made.

              I have sold my chocolates at a Country Market before but found it was a lot of hard extra work for not much reward. Also not many people spoke to me unless it was to get me to move something big & heavy! So if you are going to sell through these markets beware of a huge generation gap!
              Sarah xx

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                Thank you! you didnt sell much then?

                well everyone is Diffrent there aint many 20 odds at craft fairs anyhow
                where are you from?
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