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Grand Henham Steam Rally last weekend

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  • Grand Henham Steam Rally last weekend

    We had a fun time (hard work though) at the rally. Sadly, sales weren't great. Many repeat traders told us their takings were a fraction of previous years'. We camped behind the pitch for the weekend and just treated it as a weekend mini-break. The Friday night however was freezing! I only slept for about 2 hours due to being so cold. On Saturday night it was better though.

    I was glad to be home last night though and have a nice shower and an early night in a real bed!
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    Sorry you didn't have such great sales at the weekend - mine weren't great either (I think people are tightening their belts already in preparation for Christmas). I would love to camp at some of our shows where we travel a while but neither my nor my husband's bones would be very happy about it so we would suffer for a long time afterwards!!

    Hopefully this weekend will be better...
    Ali x

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