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  • Chip and Pin Terminals at Fairs

    Hi all we are looking to hire a mobile chip and pin terminal to accept debit and credit cards have any
    members any idea who to go for value and service.

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    Thread: In these straitened times it is well worth taking credit cards
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      Originally posted by ziggyrs View Post
      Hi all we are looking to hire a mobile chip and pin terminal to accept debit and credit cards have any
      members any idea who to go for value and service.
      I have my 3 terminals with HSBC along with my internet transaction processing, they do good deals you just have to talk to them a bit.

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        Well my bank wern't interested in the slightest in me having a terminal. I would have to put £15000 a year through it and the initial set up fee was in excess of £500. I only do approx 8 fairs a year so there was no way this was going to work for me personally. Did speak to Paypal about their virtual terminal but was told its for internet sales only, not for 'face to face' trading. How they would know whether I was face to face with someone or not, I have no idea!!! Selina


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          I have had two inquiries from Australia in the last couple of weeks from people who were asking about buying things from me but wanted to use credit cards. I had to say no and haven't heard back. I wish it didn't cost as much as I reckon it would attract a lot of spontaneous purchases but can't afford to lash out in the hope that it does generate sales.

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            I use cardsave for my card transactions and then the money is transferred directly into my HSBC business account. We hire it monthly but I think you can also buy the terminals. You can find the site on the internet and it does give some details. At some fairs I do not get asked for it but other I use it a lot. I had a fair today and sold 5 items using the machine and I do not think I would have had the sales without a machine.


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              Hi I signed up 3 weeks ago with handepay. there is a monthly fee and a min banking fee, it lost signal twice today in the middle of a steam fair, but used it 4 times now and have enough to pay 2 months rent. so it is paying for itself as they were sales I wouldn't have had. Does that make sense?

              hoping to make more use of it nearer xmas.
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                I've just got one through Cardsave. Only used it once so far, but pleased with it. I found it to be one of the most reasonable for a 12 month contract.

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                  It makes me feel like one of the big guys.
                  It's nice for the customers.
                  I make sales I wouldn't otherwise.
                  Young people seem to expect to pay for everything by card (They never have any cash on them).
                  It hasn't gone wrong (fingers crossed, touch wood etc)
                  The service has been excellent.
                  The reception has been top notch. It works when others don't.
                  You can take payments over the phone.
                  It's very user friendly. Any idiot can work it. (Especially including me.)
                  The battery lasts for 5 days (I haven't had it away from a recharging power point for longer) if you switch it off between times. Brilliant for selling in fields (which I do a lot).

                  OMG it costs a lot....but not as much as Selina said (I think). Mine's rented at £300 a year and there's £15 a month as Merchant Bank fees but that's an either or. They take a percentage of your sales and if it's under £15 they charge you £15.
                  I'm not convinced the extra sales balance out the costs let alone brings in profits.
                  Fairs are putting in cash machines, so lately fewer customers have been using their cards.
                  My friend said I'd have saved money buying a machine outright.
                  It's very clonky to carry around. It's about time they invented a super thin version. I think it's the little paper roll that's the problem.

                  I'm with Chip and Pin.
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                    I have been talking to a guy called Derek at this company He has been very very helpful. I only need a machine for 3 days in November when I am at the Chatsworth Christmas Market and the cost to hire the machine plus organise a merchant account for those 3 days only is £79.95 plus VAT for the chip and pin machine and £50 for the merchant account. Then you pay 1.7% for credit card transactions and 24p for debit card transactions
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                      I'm no expert but I have heard of people buying an app for their iphone to allow them to do this at fairs, not sure if you can do it through any smartphone but it might save outlay on extra equipment if you have one ?