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Craft or Christmas Fairs in Dorset & Hampshire....

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  • Craft or Christmas Fairs in Dorset & Hampshire....

    Help does anyone know of any craft or school christmas fairs in Dorset or Hampshire.....the fairs I have booked and done have been sooooooooooo bad I really need something to give me a lift!!! I am fed up with signing that I make my own crafts only to find myself next to phoenix cards or some other stallholder that has clearly not made their goods. I don't mind doing school fairs that are a bit cheaper as that seems fairer....any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Lynne

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    I'm in Dorset too, but we don't do any Christmas Fairs so can't give you personal advice but you could have a look at this thread here: - Facebook page - Twitter


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      We lived in Bridport for a few years and I went to a smallish craft fair (a few times before we moved) in St Mary's Church (I think it's South Street), once a month. It was lovely, there were longbow makers, oil & watercolour painters, a jewellery maker, card maker (2), digital artist, cross stitch & tapestry, and I've fogotten the word for when you use an iron to melt wax into pictures, and a couple of other things too, no bought in stuff, there were a couple of 'collectors' selling old magazines & 1st edition books etc., all in all it was a lovely place...and the bacon butties were gorgeous! The organizer's name was Vernon and his wife (lovely people ), but i can't remember their surname, he and his wife had a shop in the High Street, something Emporium. It was advertised as an Arts & Book fair which I think they were going to change to include the word Crafts, just as we were moving. They advertised in the local papers, in a free paper, a huge banner on the roundabout going in to town and a large blackboard outside the hall. As it was on a Saturday, on the same day and street as the market stalls, the footfall included all those in town at the same time not just those who'd read about the craft fair. We are hoping to move back down in the next year or 2 and I would definitely look at going to this one again. There always seemed to be other small fairs going on in village halls every week, I think the local paper was called the Bridport News. I hope this helps, I hope it's still going as it's been a few years since we left! Good luck, let us know how you get on please, ta muchly

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