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Best Time and Day for Craft Events

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  • Best Time and Day for Craft Events


    Just trying to think what is the best day and also time for a craft event. Any comments or observations would be great

    Which is your prefered day for a craft fair. In terms of visitor numbers? Or does it make no difference?

    Saturday or

    Also what time due you prefer to the event to start and finish? Are there known times, when you can pretty much guareentee that visitors numbers will be low.

    Obviously I will be looking to see what other events are taking place in the local area, so to not clash with them. But just wondered if you all think there is an optimium time and day for craft events.



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    Hi not an expert but i would say it would be worth ivestigating the local area and seing what days events are currently being held on so that would probaly show you what day is best for the area.

    I tend to fing craft fairs are best when they start at around 10 not many people are out before then on a weekend and you don't want it to run for too long so i tend to do 10-3 when im organising

    I hope that helps!!!!

    When i sit and craft i feel at peace what joy is in my heart (Mrs.Hodkinson)


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      All depends where the event is. Generally, I have found Sundays are better, because people are looking to go out specifically to visit a fayre. I have also so well on a Saturday if the event is close to a shopping area.