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    Hi all!

    I am thinknig about doing a craft fair, im just starting out and so havent got loads of stock to take yet!
    How much do you usualy take? what do you take with you?
    Any ideas or previous experiences will be grateful here!
    I did a craft fair years ago with a 'brand' where you do party sales and it wasnt so sucessfull so im a bit put off doing it.. but i may give it another go. I make giftbags and party bags and invitations...well see how it goes!

    Hol x

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    Hiya Holly,

    Hope things go well for you though - fairs can be very up and down but are GREAT marketing places to "get your name out there" and make some business as well as potential customer contacts :-)

    Good Luck

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      Hi Hollytree

      You could try taking limited stock (I.e Display items) and take orders for items.



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        Hi. I sell jewellery, but I take lots of flyers with my contact and website details on and sometimes sales are not high on the day, but afterwards I find interest from people who have gone home and looked at my website.

        I went to a ladies pamper day and it was very slow, but from that I had a lady who saw my tiaras and passed my flyer on to her sister. I am now doing a tiara and jewellery for the bride and her 7 bridesmaids!

        Good luck.


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          Craft fairs are a fickle beast so don't be put off if your first one doesn't go as well as you hoped - as Eiledon has said, take lots of leaflets, business cards, whatever with your contact details on and information about what you do and make (don't expect people to remember just from your name after the fair as they are likely to have picked up lots of cards). Sales are a bonus when you are starting out.

          Obviously the more stock you have and the more things you have on display showing what you do helps to improve sales as vistors are more likely to buy from you if they can see something there and then but make sure you have something to take orders and I also have one catalogue of my designs which I can use to show people looking for something particular if it has sold out.

          There are lots of threads on here with advice before your first fair if you do a search. Have fun, enjoy the day and take a pad to note down ideas picked up from other stallholders or details of other fairs you may hear about.

          Hope you have a great fair - don't forget to come back & let us know how you get on.
          Ali x

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            Taking the kitchen sink etc....
            Always wise to take an umbrella. Btw d'you think the attached pic should include a few swallows flying home to South Africa for the winter? Or d'you reckon it's ok left pristine and virginal?

            .Grenville Allen.
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              If you are a beginer then take a good range of work and as your experience increases you will roughly know how much to take.