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stock levels, help please!

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  • stock levels, help please!


    I'm helping a friends daughter with a stall at her school Christmas craft fair

    We're planning on having a range of cards, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and beaded bookmarks

    The thing is I've never done a stall before and have no idea on how much stock to make?

    She wants to donate some of the profit to charity so i don't want to over-order materials and damage any profits

    Any advice on stock levels much appreciated

    Many thanks


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    It sort of depends on the lenght of the fair.

    Twenty sales would be a good number for the kind of thing I sell. A hundred pounds would be a good gross take for a typical fair.

    From that ball park figure you could estimate what you want to spend on stock.

    You probably won't sell it all. After all, if you've only got one thing left, the chances of selling it are small. YOu don't want the leftovers eating up the profits, so you want to make stuff with a decent profit margin. If you were doing many sales then that would be less important, as you would get more chances to sell it.

    If you had, say, fifty things on your stall, that could look quite well stocked.