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  • Craft Fairs in North Wales

    Hello, my name is Jen. I am new to this website and am very interested in finding out about any Craft Fairs anyone knows about in the North Wales area please?

    Many thanks


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    Jen, in the community section of the website is a group for Welsh craft people. I set it up a few months ago to try and help us pass on info about craft fairs in Wales. There is not a lot of info on there, but at least it is a central point in craftsforum to keep an eye on.

    28 people have viewed this as I type ... so why aren't 28 people members of the Welsh group?

    I am in Dolgellau and only have one child at home now, so I am hoping to start back to the craft fair scene soon.

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      I wondered if you would be
      interesed in a stall at our outdoor christmas craft and gift market?

      The Cambrian Christmas Market is in it's first year and we are very
      excited about it, we are pulling out all the stops to make it extra

      It will be taking place from Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th December outside
      the Bayview shopping centre Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
      Stalls cost from £25 a day, and seperate day bookings are available.
      Stall booking covers marquee, lighting, table and marketing and

      The market will be free to attend and we are just confirming to include
      fundraising for
      Ty Gobaith.

      We want to establish the Cambrian Christmas Market as a annual market
      selling beautiful, unique items, just in time for the Christmas rush.

      We will be releasing a press release to the local papers and radio this
      week in addition to the poster campaign.
      The Cambrian Christmas Market is also advertised with most event listing
      directories, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even has a write up on

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,

      Emma 'y Ddraig' Davies
      Creative Director

      [email protected]


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        Evening all,

        I will be finalising the Cambrian Christmas Market over the weekend and
        need all applications in by Saturday at the latest.

        There are still some stalls available at £25 a day and seperate day
        bookings available.
        The event will be well advertised and promoted.

        Please feel free to get in touch with any requirements, problems, or
        queries. I am happy to help!

        If you could pass this on to anyone that may be interested in the Cambrian
        Christmas Market i would be very grateful.


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          Would you be interested in attending an event in Llangollen in North Wales? It's a fundraising event for the British Red Cross on the 7th May, 12.30 - 5pm. We will be having teas, coffees, raffles and games as well as stalls selling crafts and local produce.

          We're asking for £10 per stall which is just to cover the cost of hiring the venue. The event will be held in Llangollen town hall which is right on the high street.

          If you're interested please email me at [email protected] or call me on 01978 725204 (during office hours) or 07745692104 any time.



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            Hope there a good few attending Kay! am speaking to friends too to spread the word.
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