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Well that takes the biscuit.

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  • Well that takes the biscuit.

    If anyone wnats a biscuit, I have plenty, also sandwiches, tea, coffee, milk and cakes.

    I got to the venue early, unlocked, finalised the tables and put the names on each one. I stsrted setting up my stuff, met and greeted the newcomers, we all started settling in and waited for the kitchen team so we could get a cuppa before the off. With fifteen minutes to go it looked doubtful, si I nipped into the kitchen got two kettles going, found some kind of left over teabags and coffee and rushed to the corner shop for milk.

    A couple of regulars popped out for some packs of biscuits, decent tea bags and fresh coffee. By the time I'd formed a plan they'd already taken ten quid for tea and biscuits!.

    Rush to the bakery with a bulk order for a couple of yards of sandwiches and some kind of cakes. Sevety quid with the discount!

    More milk, a bag of sugar and some squash and we were sort of in business. Pricing was a bit random and haggling was allowed.

    I spent most of the day looking at proceedings through the serving hatch.

    Anyway, now I know how many sandwiches we can sell on a slow day. Half of them. Also two packs of bisbuits, a few cakes and a Milky Way.

    About twenty five quid down on the deal, but at least I did live up to the advertised 'Refreshments avaialable all day'.

    It is my sincere hope that the gang of nitwits who let me down turn up tomorrow and stand in the rain waiting for me. They're fired!

    A new attendee has offered to take on the catering for December to raise funds for a local childrens' hospice and that suits me fine.

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    Oh dear, that is not a good way to be let down. Hopefully your new volunteer will be more reliable (not difficult!).
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      Oh, I'm sorry you had this happen, and really mad on your behalf with the 'kitchen staff' that weren't !!!
      At least, as you say, you can hold your head up knowing that you provided a proper service.



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        i would say well done you for taking up the challenge and making the best of a bad situation! and yes i have been in the same pickle when people were tasked to jobs and never turned up and i had to step in.
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          Blimey, that's bad news. The craft fairs that I organise are for a charity fundraiser so I'm lucky to have 3 or 4 volunteers to man the kitchen all day. Don't know what I'd do if they failed to turn up!


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            Well done for sorting things out. How did it go today?
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              How did it go ?

              Honestly, not that great. Footfall dropped off in the afternoon and didn't pick up again.

              I was hard pressed to get the signage up. The plants have grown up in one of the usual spots and I couldn't get one of the banners up.

              I feel bad for some of the new people. Two artists, one does fantasy type paintings and mixed media. Sometimes that's an excuse for just slapping things on, but this was the kind of abstract you look at and go "Wow!". the other was a young girl who paints acrylic on ceramic tiles, her brushwork is excellent. I'm not sure that they did too well. Possibly the age range at that location wasn't ideal for them.

              The third fair of the year has always been a bit if a funny one. April is the launch of the season round here, the local paper is bunged with events and we can ride the wave. Midsummer is very active and we get a lot of visitors. the third event is not really atumn and summer is sort of over, so it's hard to find an identity for it. Sometimes we take loads, sometimes it's poor. Saturday was poor.

              Everything crossed for the December event, I predict mulled wine, carols on a loop and gift wrap. I shall be pulling out all the stops for publicity.