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    I am an organiser, and trying to think of different ways, to help crafters interact and enjoy themselves just that little bit more.

    I was thinking about have a competition at each fair for the best dressed stall, and the friendliest stall.

    Just wondered what you all thought?
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    I recently did a fair where they did a raffle between stall holders, we paid a pound each for a ticket , there were only a couple of prizes but it was good fun and I won! which was lovely. It was a nice way to end the day. One of the prizes was donated from a stall holder the other was a wee gardening kit from tesco (I won that)

    Audrey Xx


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      Wow they both sound really fun - I mean, I know I can't comment much having not done my first craft fair yet! But I remember when my dad used to do them that sometimes it was just a slow day... I think things like that, with a way of getting to know the other stall holders, would be a really nice addition to the day! xx
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        I like that idea

        Would certainly be fun to have most christmassy stall at christmas time or something that would be fun

        You always come up with some good ideas Katie

        Tanya xxx

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