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Bradford on Avon 14th July

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  • Bradford on Avon 14th July

    This one's next Saturday!!!

    We still have a few spaces at this one, although all the jewellery spaces have gone.....

    These last few tables are reduced to £30, as it's only a week to go!

    Tables are 6ft by 2ft, but with lots of space around them for you to bring racks, extra tables etc. Electricity is free and sockets are plentiful.

    PM or email me for an info pack!

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    Just bumping!

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      Wow....It's Tomorrow!

      And we are

      FULLY BOOKED!!!!!!!

      We went out to BoA on Wednesday. Had a gorgeous day wandering around. We've put up loads of posters throughout the town. Shopkeepers etc were very welcoming and many have displayed posters free of charge, which I thought was really nice...we put some money in charity boxes if they had them though.

      The Hall is in a great location - with the town's major car park on it's doorstep, as well as the TIC, and right next to the river!

      Even the weather forecast is looking good!

      See you all Saturday!

      Apple Tree Crafts


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        Good luck and I hope the weather is good too!

        I think here in the North it is gonna rain and rain and rain


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          How did it go?
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            I was just going to ask the same thing hope it went well for you all

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              All Things Considered...

              ....I think it went well.

              It had it's moments.......but there was a steady stream of people through the doors. Some crafters did extremely well, others didn't. I think you do well if you happen to be selling whatever it is that people want that day. However, trying to second-guess what people want is almost impossible......I suppose you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

              I had a few negative comments, some of which were just out of nastiness and those I'll ignore, others were extremely helpful and I'll think about them fully. I also got to think about my own display and I'm busy making changes to that.

              Overall, I'm pleased with the way things went yesterday. BoA is a good venue and I have very high hopes of our Christmas Fair in December.

              Sudeley next weekend!!!!

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                Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post
                I had a few negative comments, some of which were just out of nastiness and those I'll ignore,
                I hope me saying there were a lot of jewellers wasn't one of them

                (I only pointed it out because I'd heard a couple of customers commenting on how many jewellers there were....)

                I didn't do too badly. I covered my table cost and more besides, so at the end of the day, you can just never tell....

                I actually did better at a primary-school fete the night before in the middle of a run-downish estate which I didn't think would be any good, but took nearly a hundred pounds so who knows what the secret is!?
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                  Originally posted by JBJB View Post
                  I hope me saying there were a lot of jewellers wasn't one of them
                  Me too, lol! I think that is the only thing I would say, as I did hear peaople who walked past my stall saying no, I can't look at more jewellery, I have spent enough! They didn't even stop. I am guessing that is because they had seen a few jewellery stands by the time they got to me.

                  Hope you don't let those comments get to you! I thik the fact you exhibit at your own fairs yourself proves that you want them to be successful and aren't just there to take the ££ from everyone else!

                  I think I am the same as JBJB, I made money but not a large amount. It was a nice day though, and I enjoyed it. Really looking forward to Sudeley next wek!
                  Lucinda x