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Carft fair on Sunday cancelled

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  • Carft fair on Sunday cancelled

    After all that drivelling on my last post, I've just had a phone call from the fair organisers. The fair has been postponed, as the country park where it was due to be held is a quagmire. It was a charity gala day for a local organisation, and they had arranged for funfair rides and so on. The country park people won't let the funfair rides on, as they would just sink into the ground.

    They're hoping to hold it in a couple of weeks, but I go on my holidays in a couple of weeks. I suppose my daughter who makes cards could go, and take my other daughter, who doesn't, with her, and try and sell me cards.

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    You must be disappointed, I look forward to these things in a funny sort of way. what is wrong with english weather? It ruins all the best plans.


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      Well that's a pile of

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        No, it's true, Melanie!!!

        I am disappointed, I must admit, but having seen on the news the problems people are having with flash floods, not to mention a tornado in Dudley ( just up the road from me) perhaps a craft fair cancellation isn't so bad after all.

        I actually managed to type craft and not carft this time.

        I'm still hoping for some advice for presentation...... help, anyone.


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          I wasn't doubting you, I was referring to the rotten luck for you.

          "When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?" Serenity



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            Sorry about the fair being cancelled primmers, but as you say with the weather, I don't think it would have been an enjoyable experience!!! I didn't book this one in the end, as my mum and dad made plans to come up this weekend, plus I have decided to stick to doing fairs at Christmas.

            There are a few new members on the forum from the Midlands, so they may be able to suggest other fairs in the area? have I told you about the one at Pelsall, Walsall? If not, let me know and I'll give you the details.
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              I know, Melanie . As it happens I think Katian is right: I was helping out at my grandson's school fete today and it absolutley bucketed it down. Although there was a good turnout, it did end early, as folks got fed up of dashing for cover every two minutes.
              Someone quite sensible - the head, I think - opened a couple of classrooms for shelter.

              It was so bad that the bouncy castle and quad bikes, who were stationed on the playing field, packed up after an hour or so, as the grass was a quagmire and no one could really use them.

              I can only hope that the weather picks up in a day or two. I've got a ton of stuff to do in the garden....


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                Aww, that's disappointing news, but there will be others
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                  I'm sorry that all of your work was not sold but on rainy days people tend not to go to fairs anyway. You might have had to pay for a table in an empty marquee.

                  There's one good thing though. The cards will not spoil and you will be able to sell them at the next fair. Think about those poor people who gave made cakes. What ever do they do with them?