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Arnside Cumbria 4th September. 10 am to 4 pm £15 per table, crafters wanted

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  • Arnside Cumbria 4th September. 10 am to 4 pm £15 per table, crafters wanted

    I've got a nice hall full for our June event. I could squeeze more in if I had to, but Wile lots of people are interested in December 4th, so far I've not had many takers for 4th September. I now it's a bit of a nothing in particular date, but this is a nice holiday spot and popular with day trippers and hikers along with a sizeable retired population who consider buying things at craft fairs as a splendid liesure activity.

    The hall has ramp access and easy on street parking combined with excellent catering by the local mother and baby group and a Raffle on behalf of St John's Hospice for thise who like a flutter.

    The table fee is a fair reflection of the cost of the hall, insurance and promotion of the event.

    Anyone attending will, by default, become a card carrying member of a craft organisation and so will be covered by public liability insurance at any event run in the name of this organisation while the insurance policy is in force. So far I've set the initial membership at a pound and declared it to be included in your first booking fee.

    If you've not done a craft fair before, this is quite a nice one to start on. No jurying or heavy entry requirements apart from presenting some kind of art or craft and to be legal, decent and honest.

    Any takers ?