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    I have been to an event yesterday and although I didn't make that much money, I just loved how well this event was organized. It was an outdoor summer fair for a charity in a location that doesn't get much passing people. But it was well advertised in advance and they had a living statue outside tempting people in. We were allowed to arrive 2 hours before the event opened and they provided car parking as close as possible to the stalls for unloading, which was brilliant. When we arrived, all the stalls were set up. They provided Gazebos, Tables (sturdy trading tables) and table cloths which reached the floor and were really nice quality. All stallholders were allowed free drinks all day and they came past regularly all day to offer cold water and check if everything was ok. They had a table set up for customers and stall holders to change money, to make sure that everyone had enough change at all times and they also came round to the stalls with change all through the day, just in case one didn't get a chance to leave the stall. Every stall that needed a bit of a boost in trading was announced over a tannoy throughout the day, just to make sure that none were overlooked. There was seating for customers all around and they invited an ice cream van in as it was soo hot (I am sure he and the guy who sold ice cold cans of coke/sprite made a fortune yesterday).

    All in all, I was really impressed and it was lovely to have been there.

    The things that really stood out to me were:
    - everything was ready and set to go when we arrived
    - arriving 2 hours before opening was brilliant, no rush, plenty of time to set up the stall and even help some other traders
    - car parking for unloading literally next to the stalls
    - staff coming round throughout the day to check that everything is running smooth and offering drinks and change
    - a stall from the organizers offering change to stall holders and customers
    - the fact that the tables provided were of such good quality and that the table cloths came with it
    - the whole feeling of being made welcome and not just seen as a source of income and left to our own devices
    - the fact that staff was about checking to see who didn't get as many customers as others (some locations just werent as good as others) and making sure customers would wander over to that part of the fair as well
    - customer seating with nice coffee tables throughout the fair to make sure no one left because of tired feet

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    That sounds like an ideal craft fair - I wish all of them could be half as well organised as that. Having said that most of the ones I do are quite well organised.

    I send my very best congratulations to the organisers of your fair for their hard work and forethought.



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      This is what ALL craft fairs should be like - no exceptions, if you find your event is sloppily organised don't support the next one. Bad organisers will soon learn!
      The Anns


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        So nice to have a GOOD FAIR thread. Despite not making masses of money, because of the way it was organised you are promoting and recommending them for future events so by their initial care and attention they are being 'paid' back by the stallholders, and I'm sure you would not be the only one shouting their praise. As the others have said would that all events were orgainsed like this. Mo.XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          I love it when I hear someone saying something nice about an organiser! We all come on here ready to shout the odds about the c**p fair we attended blah blah blah but how refreshing to hear something nice. I do try to give those 'good' fairs a mention on here when I get one, but I also try to keep quiet when something is rubbish, thats only because I dont want to get into a heated argument with an organiser about what they have or havent done to promote the event.

          It would be great if all events were like the one mentioned above. I really beleive that organisers need to look after their stall holders, because with the stallholders they dont have an event.