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I HAD MY FIRST EVER CRAFT FAYRE YESTERDAY!anyone interestaed in another one ( staffs)

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  • I HAD MY FIRST EVER CRAFT FAYRE YESTERDAY!anyone interestaed in another one ( staffs)

    i'm so excited i had my first craft fayre yesterday it was only a small one in my garden with a few other girls having stalls - but it was fab ! due to bad weather we had to come in doors, but it was so much fun ! i put on nibbles and gave everyone a glass of wine! and i sold so much stuff i couldn't believe it, i'm almost out of stock- and the nicest thing was everyone commenting on how lovely everything was, i'm so chuffed (can you tell)
    any way i was thinking of organising another one cos i had so much fun! perhaps mid to late august- but just wanted to check how many of you would be interestred! pm me or reply to this thread and i will take it from there!

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    Oh i'm pleased it went well for you, and you had a good time.
    I'm too far away but good luck for the next one!!


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      You sound so happy!!!Glad you had a plan for the bad weather.

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        Gald your craft fair went well, I'm sure you've said but what craft is it you do? I'm impressed you nearly sold out.


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          Hi Becca,

          Glad it went well!!! Sorry I didn't make it. I was shattered after work and the long cycle home, plus had to walk the dog in rain etc - yak!!! Yes, would be interested if you organised something else, just let me know that details when you have them!
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            Sounds as though you had great fun!!! Congratulations!

            Definately interested if you do another one but August may be difficult for me depending on timing - holidays, kids home etc. But would try and come - will also depend if I am sorted enough from the house move and finding a job to have made stock!!

            Certainly anything you manage nearer xmas would be of great interest!!!!!!


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              Hi there,

              I'm in Wolverhampton, I make cards, jewellery and bookmarks.

              Where abouts in Staffs are you?

              I could be interested.

              Kind Regards