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Another complete washout

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  • Another complete washout

    Hi, I spent the whole of last week making loads of yummy chocolates. Then I got up at 5.30am to pack the car, woke the kids up and bundle them into the car and drove to Melton Mowbray to find the show had been canceled What's the norm here will I get back my stall fee (£50) or is that it and I'll never see it again? The only thing I was please about is instead of spending a bank holiday freezing I got to hang out with my kids in the nice warm dry. Oh well I'd better start eating the stock
    Sarah xx

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    I hope you do get your money back!!

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      The norm in these situations is that if you cancell then you forfeit your stall fee.
      If they cancell then they should return your fee. Happy choc scoffing!!
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        I would certainly expect to get my fee back

        And if you need any help disposing of your stock *whistles innocently*...

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          Contact them..

          You need to sadly chase money ... Its one of things nasty things in life..

          Contact them a few times and maybe point out your worry and this thread..

          Word of mouth goes a long way!

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            Thanks guys I have just sent them e-mail so I'll wait a while & see if I get a reply. Fingers crossed
            Sarah xx

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              If they cancelled then they should give you your money back. Don't give up £50.00 is alot of money for nothing!!
              Anice xx
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                Know how you feel, I did that the other week drove for 1/12 hours after having packed the car up, made the food to feed the hungry hoards (well me and my daughter Nicola anyway), got a very sleepy Nicola up and got there and found it was cancelled. 1 1/2 hour drive home again - not a happy camper but I did get my money back though.

                Sorry I know it is a pain in the wotsits.

                All the best.

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                  Return Fee...

                  Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
                  The norm in these situations is that if you cancell then you forfeit your stall fee.
                  If they cancell then they should return your fee. Happy choc scoffing!!

                  That's what we do....wouldn't dream of keeping a stallholders fee if it had been us that had cancelled.

                  I would hope that you'll see your fee back, you didn't cancel they did.

                  Nice of them to let you know before you set off to drive all that way....

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                    I'm surprised that they didn't give you refund information on the day. Did they not try to contact you about the cancellation?
                    Dreadful organisation.




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                      Unfortunately, things happen beyond anyone's control. I do feel that it's very poor organisation if they didn't at least attempt to contact all of the stall holders when the decision was made to cancel the event.

                      Hope your next one goes much better than this weekend seems to have done.

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                        I hope you manage to get your money back without too much of a fight.

                        Jules x

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                          Just to let you know it doesn't sound like I'm likely to get any money back as the organisers didn't get insurance against the weather so they are in quote "financial ruin". Not a happy bunny now
                          Sarah xx

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                            Oh no im just lost for words right now

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                              That's awful!!! The fact that they cancelled and not you should mean that you're def entitles to your money back! Are you going to fight them on it?
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