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  • Complete Wash-out


    I just couldn't believe the weekend that we had. My first ever Craft Fair was an absolute disaster. Saturday wasn't too bad, but the numbers buying was very low. Sunday and Monday were complete and utter wash-out. It rained non-stop all weekend, the grounds were so bad that vehicles were having to be towed off site by tractors as they just couldn't make it through all of the mud. Visitors were just not venturing out at all in the pouring rain, I don't think they had a 1/4 of the expected visitors.

    It was a fairly small craft tent complete with 4 card making stalls and 3 others that were selling cards .... I really felt sorry for them as there was just far too much competition and no-one making money :-(

    On the upside, I did make my table money back but was expecting to take a lot more than I actually did.

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    Sorry you have a bad weekend...

    Oh Caroline,
    Sorry to hear that you had such a poor weekend. At least you did cover your costs, not fantastic I know but it's something to focus on. I hope this hasn't put you off fairs. The next one could be great.
    Anice xx
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      Sorry you didnt have a good weekend. It does get better

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        Sorry to hear that. At least you made your table money back. This year has been soooooo poor. I have never not made my table money but the in total so far this year I haven't covered my table on 4 different occasions - the weather is a big factor - but people just aint buying just now.

        But it will pick up.

        All the best.

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          Oh you poor thing, so disheartening for you. Poor Sarah from Picture it in Stitches did the Jimmy's Farm one I was supposed to do and it was her first one ever too and didn't have a good result, but I think the weather has an awful lot to do with it, and agree with Lisa that people just aren't buying like they used to. I am due to do one this Saturday which I have paid for in advance, but is an outdoor one and is due to rain heavy again so am going to lose out there. Due to do another at Jimmy's Farm in August but may start giving them all a miss now. The only ones I really enjoy doing are the Christmas ones when the atmosphere is so lovely it doesn't seem to matter whether you do well or not!
          Jo x

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            How Awful....

            ....I know just how you feel.

            The weather is just so unpredictable in this country. I'm glad we hadn't anything booked for this weekend. I didn't want to do anything other than curl up in front of the fire with my handsewing.

            At least you got your table money back. I have to say that it was very bad planning with all those cardmakers.

            Terrible about Jimmy's though...I'd have had incredibly high hopes for that one had it been me.

            I hope the weather improves before July!

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              Thanks for the support, I just felt so fed up when we got back last night. It hasn't put me off doing fairs, however what I think it has put me off is doing Steam Fairs.

              There were so many 'enthusiasts' (we called them something different but I won't say that on here lol), people just weren't interested in the craft tent unless they were running for cover and it was closer than the beer tent to the smelly engines. Another thing that surprised me was that it wasn't all craft items. Some people were selling such 'tat' which was obviously bought in extremely cheaply and then marked up at horrendous prices (especially jewellery). I was expecting all hand made products and was really looking forward to going around and chatting to people about their own craft ideas. But I think that there was only a few of us (mainly cards) that had products they had made themselves.

              There's a big 4 day event at Pickering in August which I think we're going to do everyone was raving about it over the weekend and saying how well they did so fingers crossed on that one. There's also our local village show at the end of June that we're going to book tomorrow so fingers crossed the next ones will be much better.

              You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!



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                That's a major problem all us crafters have is going to a craft event where you have crap on the stall beside you but because said tat is cheap they buy that and walk right past you. I learned pretty early on to avoid anything advertised as a Craft and Gift Fair because the Gift portion means bought in mass produced rubbish.

                Just need to be a bit pushy with the organisers and find out who they allow at the fair. If it is solely handmade go for it. Having said that I find that primary school fairs work really well for me. There is a whole load of jumble and things but people seem to spend more money when they know it is supporting the school. The schools tend to work on a percent of what you take in so the more you take in the more the school makes. And whats even better is that they are only on for a couple of hours!!



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                  I did a school fair last year and took £20 after standing there all day. But since then, I've started making them myself rather than buying in so things are considerably cheaper. I am planning on doing a few this year again and see how they go with items I've made.

                  You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!



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                    That's awful Caroline but I bet we've all been there. The last one I did was a blow-out (gale force winds) and only the cake stall did anything. Better get baking!!!

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                      Actually Helen, now you mention it, the cake stall did look busy ... and the sweetie stall, although the prices were an absolute ripoff. I bought a very small bag of sweets for Gen, it has 3 of those big snake things in there and and maybe a dozen or so small items and cost me £3.80!!!!!! yes you read that right!

                      You don't need talent to be artistic you just need patience!



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                        Yep ... a TOTAL washout !!

                        It was my first fair too yesterday and it was also a complete washout. It didn't stop raining all day, the road to the farm was flooded and Jimmy's Farm advertising of the fair was extremely poor. But, I did make the cost of the table back and made a teeny profit of £3.50 !!! It hasn't put me off because I know that had it been a better day weatherwise I would have done heaps better. I was the only person selling textile pictures, needle felting stuff and felt accessories so I didn't have any competition which was really good - it was just a shame the weather let us down.

                        I spoke to lots of the other stallholders and they all said that school fairs are the big crowd pullers because you've got a captive audience who want to support their school. Maybe that's the way to go - although having said that I know that Sommerwood (Jo) did a secondary school christmas fair last year and it wasn't particularly good, so you can never tell.

                        I'm in 2 minds whether to do the August one at Jimmy's Farm - the Barn won't be in use and they're not even sure there will be marquees, so I'm not sure if I'd want to risk the weather.
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                          first craft fair

                          I did my first Craft Fair at the weekend,it was extremely quiet and I made a loss.Has anyone done a really major event like the Christmas fair in the NEC?

                          Thanks Lisa


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                            I felt so sorry for anyone doing an outside fair this weekend, we were looking out at the rain & saying how horrid it must have been. You get your hopes up and put all that hard work in, then splat!

                            True about the cake stall tho - you know it's a really bad fair if the cake stall has got anything left after the first two hours!
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                              I think the weather had a big impact on a lot of people's plans


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