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Christmas Crafts in the Crypt - Bath

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  • Christmas Crafts in the Crypt - Bath

    Sounds creepy? Not a bit...this is a light & airy venue beneath the Church of St Michael's in Broad Street, Bath. We've booked it for a Christmas Craft Fair on

    Saturday December 1st and Saturday 8th
    Please note the change of dates!

    We had a very successful trip to Bath today, all thanks to Emma (Jelly Belly Jelly Brain) who's knows Bath much better than I do!

    The Crypt is light, but fairly small and we think it'll look the biz with sparkly fairy lights and Christmas music playing!

    It'a stone's throw from the main shopping area and twenty metres from Shire's Yard shopping arcade. Parking is two minutes away.

    I won't be able to get info packs out until Himself and I have been to measure up, look at all the space at our disposal and check the sockets. Hopefully we can do this next week!

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    it sounds lovely... much too far for me!

    You need to be careful over music.
    You will need a licence to play music in a public venue. It came into law a couple of years ago and all shops, churches and venues have to have a licence if they play music or use music.
    Schools have also to have the licence to include music.
    the venue it'self may already have a licence that would cover you but you need to cover yourself.
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      Sounds absolutely wonderful, wish it was near me!

      Yep agree about the licence, I used to work part time in a little gift shop in Devon which was run from the owners front room (converted) and she used to pipe music in from her living room and one day got a notice through saying she had to have a licence for that as was playing it to the public. Madness, but true!
      Jo x

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        You need a music license for any public venue, (got one for the ice cream parlour) The little sticker is usually displayed some where for all to see that you have one.
        Hopefully the venue will already have one Jules, otherwise it would be a pain to get it just for a day! More profit down the drain.... How about you all have a singsong instead!!!


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          Church Upstairs...

          ......must have a license that would cover us. They have an organ!

          I'll check with the chap we spoke to today though. Already au fait with licensing etc....Himself used to be chef and he knows all about licenses of every kind.

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            Excellent venue - I'm glad you have found somewhere. If it's the church I'm think it is between the main Post Office and Waitrose (which is in The Podium shopping bit) really good.

            Look forward to receiving more info

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              I do have a piccie of the crypt that I took on my phone, but I need Jules's permission to post it as she's in it.
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                Does My Bum look Big?

                Originally posted by jellybelly*jellybrain View Post
                I do have a piccie of the crypt that I took on my phone, but I need Jules's permission to post it as she's in it.

                You can post it....if I've got a dogface or a big bum, tough.....LOLOLOL

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                  The crypt....

                  Not a very flattering photo of either the space or Jules, but it does give you some idea of size. There's a door to the right that opens straight out onto the street opposite the car-park (opposite Waitrose)
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                    Oh, I would definitely be up for that one, I think I am on your list for info packs, but add me if not please! I think I would feel right at home in a crypt... lol!
                    Lucinda x


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                      I'm up for this one! Sounds good!
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                        Definitely up for this one too!



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                          Shall I book for Saturday & Sunday?

                          Thanks for your interest everyone!

                          Please note that this is now being held on December 8th and not the 1st! We've changed it!

                          I was just wondering if I should book two days....

                          The Crypt is cosy, so it'll be a small event. The girl at Bath TIC and the girl at the Pump Rooms have both said that Bath is heaving on Sundays....

                          Should I book two days? What do you think?

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                            POST NUMBER 100

                            Obviously, I'm going to say to book 2 days because I only live 12 miles away from Bath, so it's easy for me to go home and come back again the next day.

                            Accommodation in Bath itself won't be cheap, but there are plenty of outlying villages doing B&B.

                            Bath is always heaving in the run up to Christmas so go for it I say. Especially if somebody's prepared to hand out flyers to all the people going to the Christmas market just down the road.
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                              It's not fair, I feel so left out - how far away is Bath from Glasgow any ideas?

                              A forlorn Lisa.

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