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Any Craft Fairs In Carmarthenshire?

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  • Any Craft Fairs In Carmarthenshire?

    Im a little gutted I read everywhere about all these craft fairs happening everywhere, but where i live we dont even have a craft shop/store, well we do have a tiny craft shop (Busy fingers) but it is tiny and does not stock a lot, mainly sewing and knitting things, the shop keeper has recently started selling jewellery making items, but she is VERY expensive compared to the net, and does not stock enough variety of what we need for jewellery making. The town i live in is very up and coming, so i can only hope there will be more to come for me.

    If anyone knows of a shop or store in carmarthenshire that i could visit, then please let me know, same with craft fairs, thank you

    crafty cow

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    Hi CC is the place to find out about what's on and where - you click 'Diary Search' on the left hand tool bar.

    I have checked there is nothing in carmarthenshire in May/June/July/Aug, so you may have to look at other areas. There are some in Pembrokeshire, but alot are St Davids, one in Narbeth and a few others. Haven't checked Cardiganshire.

    Good Luck


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      Hi CC,

      I know the feeling about the lack of craft shops in your area as I had a stand at a fair in Cheltenham in February and several people from west Wales had travelled a long way to attend it.

      I have been pleading for organisers to come to Wales but they sat that there is no suitable venue. They may be right.

      There is a craft Fair at the CIA in Cardiff in November but it was poorly attended last year. It may be better this year.

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        Bead Shop

        I have found a really good shop in Cross hands if thats any help. Sell lots of diffrenet beads. But I cant remeber what it's called Ill have to get back to you. Its not Grames, its a small shop just off the main cross roads in cross hands

        Sorry thats probably not much help.