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cheltenham home & garden show 5-7th may

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  • cheltenham home & garden show 5-7th may

    have been doing this show the last 2 days and again tomorrow. sharing a stand with my friend of 'tishtash art'. i've talked to SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people and handed out so much stuff. nearly out of postcards & leaflets - and only really given it to the people who looked interested! yesterday was v quiet & mainly OAPs but a much younger crowd today & the place was rammed from 10 to about 3.30. all non-stop! lots of positive comments & made some sales. hopefully will get some people going to the website & maybe buying there. satsuma coasters are gone! that will disappoint a few people i know who have had their eye on them. snooze you lose tho right. even had people queueing to look at our stuff & even coming back again when they couldn't see!

    also been talking to a guy a couple of stands down who loves my stuff & tash's work who we will be doing a 'private view' thing with all our work in his high-end spec interiors shop (he takes all his stuff off the walls & out the shop too). champagne, the lot! you'll all have to come!! he's also keen to take on some of our work too & was particularly interested in the latticework bowls so that was great.

    it's all very exciting & i love talking to people. most people are really enthusiastic as well & have had so many nice comments. we expect monday will be even busier so early night for me i think!

    anyway, here are some photos. it's quite a small stand so nowhere to sit but we've certainly filled it! yes it looks busy but people are really drawn in. our work complements each other so much people dont realise it's 2 companies. someone even thought we were sisters! ha! only met tash in feb :P lots of people have commented on how colourful our stand is compared to the others & it's funny watching people trying to walk past, hesitating, and walking in am very tired - with 'real work' and this will have done a 13-day week (REALLY 13 days as have been up to the small hours most days, working!). x

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    Wow the stand looks great! Well done for filling it, we're a bit worried how we are going to keep a full stall for three days in chilford!!

    Excellent news on the private viewings, you'll have to tell us where and when!

    Good luck for tomorrow, i hope you meet lots of buyers & future online purchasers too!!

    Lisa xx
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      I will be there tomorrow cant wait to see what other stalls are there and to see your lovey stall

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        Your stand looks fantastic, well done. Sounds like you're enjoying yourselves too. Can't wait till I do my next fair now though it's only a small one but it's given me the incentive to build up some stock & new designs. How much extra stuff do you take along - ie how many times could you fill your display area? Good luck tomorrow. website ... my blog


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          You're stall looks beautiful and I certainly wouldn't be able to pass without looking!

          Really bright and colourful!

          Good luck for tomorrow - it is tiring isn't it, but it's such a buzz!
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            Bright, attractive and most definitely interesting - what a wonderful stand. Your work definitely goes together well.

            It's great that you've made good contacts, what a worthwhile weekend.

            Well done

            PS and one more day to go.....


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              Stand looks great, really colourful, I would definately be drawn in. Wish I could go I love a good fair, bit too far away though, and with two small children, could cost a fortune in breakages

              Anyway good luck with the rest of the fair.


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                Get a loada that!!
                How fab, very proffesional looking.
                Can i be nosy and ask how much a stand is? Not that i'm going to do it i'm just wondering what the going rate is?
                Would i be right in thinking that you are in the minority at a show like that with your stuff being hand made?
                I've done a couple of shows on a much smaller scale which are mostly local businesses but at the higher price range if you see what i mean (no cheap tat) and i've always done much much better at that kind of event than any craft type fairs.
                Do you think it's the type of customers that go to these events are more out to spend money?
                Just a thought for a bank hol mon.....


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                  Fab Steph...did you sell your bowls? Try putting them on the flat lights Habitat sell...they will look even better.
                  Stand looks very bright!

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