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School fairs - usual cost?

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  • School fairs - usual cost?

    My daughter's school is asking for expressions of interest regarding taking a stall at their summer fete. (Sorry just open to parents at this stage). Last year the school started to have a few non PTA stalls but there didn't seem to be a lot of buying going on.

    I thought I would ask about the price, as I will probably be going to the fete anyway. I was quite surprised to be told that the price is £25 plus a tombola prize. This seems to be on the high side to me, so I wondered if anyone could let me know the price at other school events so that I could go back to the organisers with a little bit of research.

    The school is a two form primary school (infants & junior) in a nice village in Surrey but is not generally attended by anyone outside the school community.

    with many thanks
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    Hi, I have gone and shown at at least three school fete's.
    First the pricing was all different.£10 to £20.They then had the nerve to charge parents £2 to get in.I would never do one again,as it was a dead day,did not do well at all,and I normally do.


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      Over the last two years I have done a few school fairs varying in prices between £5 plus raffle prize to £15... we did relatively well at each of these and as we only do local school events it's another way of "getting our name out there" although these events have charged admission it's usually been either 20p or 50p

      I do agree that £25 does seem very excessive... I'd be inclined to be put off by that pricing!!


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        I think the cost of any stall has to be a balance between the organiser making money (in this case the school) and the crafter making money.

        I've done school fairs where the fee has been £5, £10, £15, 10% of sales, 15% of sales.

        I was also invited to a private school where the fee would've been £50. I was tempted until the person organising told me that parents have realised they need to support these events. Hmm...£50 stall fee and you've not got support of parents yet? No thanks.

        I think the school needs to be offering something pretty good to be asking for £25 for a stall and it doesn't really sound like they are. They will get more takers for a lower fee.
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          I do one at my childrens school 3 times a year and each year they just ask for 10% of sales and a raffle prize. It works out well the last one I did sadly they just got £3.90 they was happy with tho the previous one they got £15. I must agree £25 is a bit excessive tho

          edited to say.. Just read the bit about only parents attending sorry but I don't think you will have a chance of doing decent if its just parents my experience is they go round to show there face and have a go at the lower priced items like catch the rat or the bottle tombola. If public are allowed in you may be ok but not definite is it really.
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            yes i agree £25 sounds a high amount to charge for a school fair. i did one at my sons primary school a little while ago and they charged 10% of takings .. i didnt sell much either so i was glad of this. i wouldnt expect to earn alot from school fairs as parents only seemed to want to spend a few pounds on an item.
            i would expect a stall for £25 should be for an event directed at hand made crafts rather than being mixed in with raffles and tombola etc


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              The school ones that I do are usually between £10-£15 and most of them ask for a raffle prize in additon.
              As they send the notice about the fair out with the monthly newsletter to the parents and don't have to pay to hire their own hall for the event I think that's a fair price.

              In view of the fact that they don't have the same expenses as someone organising it themselves ie advertising, leaflets, posters and hire of the hall I personally think that £25 plus a prize is a bit excessive.


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                I'm doing one at a friend school (shes the head) and the charge is £10. Its only for a couple of hours but there are no more jewellery stalls and haven't been any for a couple of years. Also its just down the road from the salon so I will probably know a lot of the people attending, I'm hoping thats in my favour!! LOL Selina


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                  I also think £25 is a bit on the high side. And like others have said if schools charge parents to get in they tend to spend less. They prefer to support things where all the money goes to the school ie raffles and tombolas and not much left over for us crafters!!

                  I don't really do schools any more but in the past the average table cost was £15 .

                  follow me



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                    My nephew's school was £10 for couple of hours last year.
                    £25 sounds very expensive to me, too.
                    Although I am very new to this kind of thing.

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                      I think £25 is quite a lot. Have done a couple £10 and £15. One was not very successful for me as some of the stalls were not good quality and people were expecting a bargain and my cards are not as cheap as they wanted them to be. However, its good advertising and I gave loads of cards out, it was definitely well attended!
                      Good luck if you go for it!


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                        Haven't done any summer fairs yet but did do quite a few Christmas fairs. The table cost was about £10-15 plus normally a raffle prize. On the whole I did really well but I did buy in some very cheap childrens jewellery which attracted the children to the table and then hopefully the parents looked at my normal range. It tended to work for me. The only thing I would say is either ask someone to go with you or you will need eyes in the back of your head. At the least you will have to contend with little hands picking everything up, at the worst you may have a few items go missing.


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                          I work lunchtimes at the primary school my children used to go to and have had a stall at their summer fete the last few years. It's always really well attended, even the year it poured all day. They'd never had craft stalls before and we agreed on 20% as I was also on the PTA and the idea was raising money for the school! It worked out great for both of us - my best year I gave them £70. They had a Christmas fair for the first time in December where I paid £10 plus a raffle prize and I sold lots as again it was well attended. I do tend to make a lot of children's jewellery for those occasions and it does sell well.
                          I have also had stalls at my kids secondary school Travelling Trends fashion show (a company who come in and put on a catwalk show selling ex-high street clothes at cheaper prices) a couple of times last year. I paid £10 plus a raffle prize - I set the terms as they'd never done it before and it was my idea to have stalls! It was pretty poorly attended and I didn't make much profit, in fact my daughter spent the profit on clothes there....
                          I think it depends on what they think the turnout would be and the size of the school - if it's only small then I think £25 is a bit steep and a precentage would be easier to work with, that way if you sell loads then they may end up with more than £25 and if not then you haven't lost too much and they need to focus on attracting more people next year!!


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                            thank you

                            thank you for all your messages - it seems that I was right in thinking that £25 + prize is unusual for a school fair.
                            you have all been very helpful.
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