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How do you travel to fairs/ events / markets?

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  • How do you travel to fairs/ events / markets?

    hi everyone
    iv had some great advice on here so far, and sorry for yet another question ! but another problem i have is that i do not drive.
    im wanting to book some craft fairs / events / markets this year and iv just realised i may need to travel to find the good ones. I just wondered if any of you that sell at events etc manage for your displays etc and products getting them to the event without a car. is it possible ? and yet still have a good display ? Iv noticed alot of people use plinths, shelving etc for there displays.

    thanks once again for reading!

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    I have one more question to add. Where I can find them. I can drive and willing to travel but never attend one before so at first I would like to see how it's looks like.


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      Diane, it does depend on what you sell and how big and/or heavy your stock is but personally speaking I wouldn't be able to do fairs without my car. Have you thought about car sharing with a fellow crafter?

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        It depends what you sell. I use a car and most other people have cars/vans but I do know someone who sells jewellery and uses public transport. She has a huge wheely suitcase which fits everything she needs in.

        For fairs, start with

        Also look on other crafters' websites for the events they're at and if there's no link, google them. Also search for farmers' markets as sometimes crafters are welcome there. Also local council websites sometimes have events or may list local markets.
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          I personally would not be able to do fairs if did not have a car and a large ish one at that. Most of the fairs i do you have to take your own tables, chairs an thats before your stock! I sell Cardmaking and Scrapbooking supplies so have 4 suitcases and about 10 boxes to take! I could probably do a fair all on my own as a supplier and still have stock in boxes! The trouble i have is finding the stands to use that are cheap enough!

          As for looking for fairs google craft fairs in your area, their are 3 main websites that have fairs on them, But they do seem to be few and far between this year

          Many thanks

          Sparkles Events


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            IT CAN be done! I know, 'cos I do it...

            I use a wheely-suitcase with the cloths bungeed on the top, a big rucksack and one of those massive "big green bag" things from Tesco... not subtle, but transportable by one sturdy human-power. Well, one Scorch-power, anyway... I look like a dray-horse, but it all gets there!

            Have a peek at what I can carry that way in this thread :

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              I agree the wheely suitcase is probably the easiest way. I use one to get my stuff single-handed from the car park to the venue. If you put your stuff in boxes inside it then once you have emptied them they can go upside down on the table for display.
              As you do fabric stuff it shouldn't be too heavy.



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                As you say though it depends on your craft. Getting my stuff to a craft fair without a car would be impossible, especially as the nearest bus stop is 2 miles away.

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                  I have been wondering myself about how small I could pack everything in for a fair as wondered about doing some in london, using tube - a wheely trolley sounds perfect.

                  For my last and first fair I took my car and so much junk that I didn't actually use in the end!

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                    Scorch's description =

                    The Annie me does a Tudor version for my London gigs.
                    Big basket backpack (a ped - hence pedlar) stuffed with the goods, a tray like basket with a neck strap for when I get round to displaying and selling, a shopping basket, sometimes on both arms as I sell for the (charity) organisers in lieu of paying a pitch fee. And a bag slung across my chest to hide the A-Z, specs and painkillers, and money bags hanging off my belt.
                    I am the original bag lady or a basket case.

                    In actual fact when I was feeling unwell I went with only one basket and one type of item and took as much money. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

                    In hot countries you get wandering sellers of tourist tat. They have a big bag or basket or thin tray like case. It doubles up as a container and a display case. I would take a lesson from them. If you think of a paste table, when closed it's like a case and when open makes a table.......

                    If you are allowed to be still to sell you only need a tablecloth or blanket and a carrier for your goods......think of pavement sellers.


                    PS try not to sell anything heavy


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                      thanks everyone, as my stuff is lightweight and made from fabric, hopefully theres hope for me doing a fair further afield.


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                        Hi Diane

                        I've PM'd you. I can't manage without my car. I always take loads of stuff. but I do tailor it to each fair.
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                          Luckily I drive but it has to be places I can get to easily avoiding the motorway I can't drive on the motorway since my crash.

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