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  • New - Fine and Applied Art & Design Show

    I have a meeting tomorrow at a venue in central Northampton to discuss the possibilities of staging a series of Fine and Applied Art & Design Shows there.

    These will be rather exclusive in that there are only going to be a relatively few acceptable categories of exhibit.

    Obviously - Paintings, Etchings, Lithographs, Limited Edition Prints, Woodcuts, Sculpture, Wood Carving, Wood Turning, Photographs, Pottery, Glass, Jewellery.

    What else should I include?

    What should I definitely exclude?

    Best wishes

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      Applied art and design can explore a broad range. I think you could add something digital and design based your list.


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        Sounds interesting - Whats the venue?


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          Royal and Derngate.

          I used to stage Antiques Fairs in the Derngate foyers oooooooh, seems like centuries ago.

          The revamp has opened up a lot more space!

          Best wishes


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            The design bit is dodgy because in arty farty circles it would include things like fashion, ceramics, jewellery, furniture, packaging.....

            Fine and applied arts would give it a better arty definination (or do I mean parameters?). I mean distinguish it from your other fairs.

            I'm thinking the let you in rule would be any art work you are diplaying on anything or in any way would have to be your own original work.



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              Well, that went pretty much the way I'd have wanted it to.

              Now I have to wait for them to clear it with their boss, and send me some floor plans and a selection of dates.

              Assuming they happen, it will be alternate months, a Sunday, 10am to 4pm, setting up from 8am, and we will have on offer a variety of space formats all in so much per metre frontage. The areas we have to work with are unique and interesting and make for a very unusual show.

              We will have space / stands that are 1 metre deep, 2 metres deep or 3 metres deep. Tables will be in addition, as many artists and some crafters dont need tables as they use display panels, and some have and prefer to use their own tables. Access to electricity for display lighting at no additional cost, and recommended!

              Prices for the different depth pitches will be £10 per metre (1 metre deep), £12 per metre (2 metres deep) and £15 per metre (3 metres deep).

              Don't yet know what price the tables will be as the R&D will get back to me with the price they will be charged by their usual supplier.

              Probably starting in May, dates to be confirmed as well.

              Best wishes


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                I think that if you define the term you could stipulate that any work there should be the work of the exhibitor / stall holder. That would hopefully pre-empt anyimports etc and help to keep it more exclusive.

                The plus and minus for me are
                + you have included woodturning
                - it's so far away I can't be involved

                Hope it goes well for you and all involved

                "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                  Photos at!/...9471244&ref=nf

                  Best wishes


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                    we would be interested in this show

                    darren has been to the r & d a few times and says its a great place to go,

                    but how would the stall holder parking work out as darren cant

                    remember if the r & d has any of its own

                    find us on our new web site;



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                      The R&D have a good relationship nwith the NBC Town Manager and think that they will be able to get exhibitors free parking passes. If not, all day Sunday in the adjacent car park off Albion Place is all of 80p.

                      The R&D don't have any parking of their own, but you can pull up outside to unload, then move to the car park - there are several in the immediate vicinity.

                      Waiting impatiently to hear back from them!

                      Best wishes