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  • Is It Too Early?

    I'm looking at Christmas Craft Fair venues......!

    Don't really want to even think about the 'C' word...

    Got to book early though.....and lots of crafters are asking me about Christmas dates.

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    Hi Jules

    No I don't think it is too early - best being a bit too early than a bit too late.


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      Nah - it's probably about the right kind of time to start thinking about it!
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        It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas!!!
        Past Times (i LOVE that shop ) have a really good sale on 50-70%off, i bought some stuff yesterday that will be Christmas pressies!!!!!


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          Definately not too early. I only do fairs around Xmas and would love to book now!
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            Might even be to late to book a great venue ?

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              I've goit two fairs booked already!!
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                Yep need to think about Christmas!
                For me I would have to make everything so plenty of notice in time for Christmas would be good!


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                  woooooooooooo past times my fave shop and no think time is right


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                    To get the venues and dates you want i would start looking asap. I'm arranging to take part in a christmas fayre at the moment, it will be my first one.

                    Get booking Jules, you'll be surprised how much interest you'll have already.
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                      It's never too early to be planning for xmas craft activity. I would imagine that craft fair venues, stalls etc... need to be planned very early to get the best locations etc...

                      Just shows how organised and good at your job you are that you are on to it already.

                      I have xmas stocks bubbling away in the back of my mind all the time. Not that I am acting on it just yet but I am sure I should be!!!

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                        I already have 3 Christmas Fairs booked, over November and December, and would have booked a fourth but the organiser never came back to me even after two emails (my car got stuck in the mud in a show field last year and he had to organise a tractor to pull me out, so maybe he's just peed off with me....)
                        Sometimes if you wait much longer, the organisers say they already have enough jewellers/card makers/glass/whatever already booked, so it's best to jump in as early as possible.


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                          Definitely not too early. I started applying to orgainsers of some big Christmas events in JANUARY of this year. I learnt my lesson last year by not getting in early enough. Definitely book now if you want prestigous loacations like you've been booking. Although I have to say, there are a LOT of fairs organised in "posh" places already.
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                            I don't think it's too early. I'd be interested in booking up for christmas now that's for sure! One less thing to worry about nearer the time!!!

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                              i've already booked a three dayer for this xmas.Past experience for me has been that they are really popular & get booked up quickly. I would book up as many as possible now so you can be assured of a place, especially if your selling something that's popular (like Jewellery) most craft fairs have limited number of places for vendors selling similar products.