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What do you expect at craft fairs?

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  • What do you expect at craft fairs?

    Hi everyone

    Just a few quick questions which I was hoping you could all help me out on…

    1) When you go to a craft fair would you expect the traders to be able to accept credit card payments?
    2) Would you say that in general most traders accept credit card payments at craft fairs
    3) If a trader did accept credit card payments at a craft fair would you be more likely to buy from them?

    Thank you all so much for your help ;-) I am just trying to work out if it is worth me getting a little mobile card payment account!

    Fran x

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    I think yuo should as it will be an added option of payment for the customer.

    Personnaly I dont expect the seller to have a credit card machine, I tend to just use cash or cheque in general.

    The word 'craft' conjures up bohemia and a relaxed way of doing things and in contrast a credit card machine seems quite modern, but not a bad things as the main aim is to make money.

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      1) When you go to a craft fair would you expect the traders to be able to accept credit card payments?

      2) Would you say that in general most traders accept credit card payments at craft fairs.

      3) If a trader did accept credit card payments at a craft fair would you be more likely to buy from them?
      Yes, if I hadn't enough cash.
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        Hi Fran,

        I have done many different kinds of craft events and I have never met a stall holder that accepted credit card payments. Most of the people I know accept cash or cheques only. I am usually only asked if I accept cards at events around xmas time when people see the gifts and spend more than they had planned.

        As a customer visiting a craft show, I wouldn't expect a stall holder to have that facility either, I would always pay cash.

        I accept cards when taking telephone or internet orders and process them securely through Worldpay, but when I'm out on a stall its cash or cheques only.

        Hope that helps

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          Thats great, Thanks guys.

          Out of interest - what precautions do you take to stop cheques bouncing if you accept these?


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            I wouldn't expect to go to a craft fair and pay by credit card for most things. I suppose the only things I'd want to pay by card for is larger items that cost more (wooden furniture kind of things). If I'm short of cash then I'll either go without the item, borrow money off whoever is with me or if I'm that desperate to have it then I could either order it after the event or trot off to a cash point.
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              From a customer point of view at a craft fair I would be more likely to impulse buy if the stall holder took credit cards, although I wouldnt expect that they would.

              Remember that your bank will charge you a percentage of any takings some of them it can be up to 5 percent.

              If I was taking cheques it would be with a cheque card only any amount over the limit I would ask for seperate cheques with an adress on the back also.

              Just my thoughts I dont exhibit at fairs there are lots on here that do though I'm sure they will keep you right.

              Good Luck!


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                Hi there,

                I have been at a craft fair where the stall holders accepted credit cards. They tended to be stallholders selling fairly expensive pieces of jewellery and expensive works of art. It is definately worth those types of people having credit machines as people going to craft fairs probably wont be carrying huge sums of money with them.

                It wouldn't personally be worth it for me because my things only go up to about £15 to £20 at the most expensive so there is generally enough pocket change going about to buy candles.

                Hope this helps.


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                  I agree, I wouldn't really expect people to offer this facility unless selling higer priced goods. As mine range up to £30 each it was something I thought about, but when I looked into the cost decided it wasn't worth it at the moment. I just have to hope people either have the cash or carry a cheque book
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                    I agree with everyone else. I don't expect people to have them unless the goods are expensive. I do think it would be handy though - depends if it's worth it for you to bother.

                    I don't know about everyone else but at the fairs i've done it's tended to be the reps from big companies that have the machines which is an obvious annoyance to genuine crafters! It also helps to pinpoint the companies. Just a thought......
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                      On a jewellery forum I visit, I have noticed a few people in the past mention how good being able to take cards at fairs has been for them, saying that there has been a clear jump in sales.

                      I think it is something that is expected more and more these days, although personally I wouldn't necessarily expect people to have them at fairs.
                      Lucinda x


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                        Whenever I go to a craft fair I take a cheque book or cash. Its a bonus if the stall holder does have a card machine, but not bothered if they don't because I'm prepared. You can't expect everyone to accept cards when they maybe small businesses.

                        There will be some people who only have a card but if you've got a website you could give them a business card and they might buy through that.

                        One of the fairs I did before Christmas, a lady went away to the cashpoint for some money and came back to buy the painting, I'm sure if somebody really wants something they'll find a way.


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                          As a customer I wouldn't expect to use a card at craft fairs. I usually take plenty of cash, and if I run out ask if they'll aceppt a cheque. If not, it's into the husband's wallet!


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                            just to poke my little nose in....
                            A lot of people have been talking about craft fairs in general being quieter these days, people wandering about not spending any money.
                            Maybe it would be a move in the right direction for crafters to accept credit cards and then who knows they could have more sales?

                            People may still be going to craft fairs thinking they will only need enough cash for s pot of home made jam and a cup of tea.

                            They are unused to the quality of the goods that you get at craft fairs these days (and of course the price) Therefore they don't buy anything as they haven't the cash with them?
                            Now if they could use a debit card maybe they would make that purchase???


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                              Sorry to be late to this thread but have been away for a couple of days (day job!!)
                              At all the craft fairs I did last year there were some stallholders who took debit/credit cards, and when asked all told me that their sales jumped significantly when they got their card machines. One jewellery selling lady told me her sales had jumped from about £60 per day to over £400!!!! My own experience, without the ability to take cards, is that you definitely loose sales. Many people just don't carry chequebooks any more, and most people don't think far enough in advance to go and get large wads of cash to carry about with them. I made the decision (after reading a thread or three on this forum) to join the FSB, and am sending off the paperwork for a machine today, and feel fairly confident that I am doing the right thing. Will be happy to report back if anyone is interested after first use........