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    Has anyone done or is doing the Highland Show in Edinburgh? I know its expensive to get a table, but it is always so very busy.
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    3d2d do the main craft tent for this but you can always get your own marquees there, very costly. I know people who have done amazingly well and then others who havent covered their costs. Footfall is generally really high and its a very established event so I would say take the risk and try it. I dont know if you'ld be allowed to share tables but you could always look into that to save a few pennies.


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      we did it a couple of years ago through scottish crafts, they had a small marquee with a few crafters in there selling their stuff.

      I think it was roughly 70 for the 3 days that was at a masive reduced rate and we only made about 30 quid.

      maybe being in the 3d2d marquee would be better as they are always heavily advertised but I know that it is VERY expensive, we did visit it when we were at the show and it was really good.

      you could always try gardening scotlnd, that's another good show to do. If you are gonna do it, I suggest booking it now as I have already had the forms through.

      good luck.
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        Originally posted by handcrafted View Post
        Has anyone done or is doing the Highland Show in Edinburgh? I know its expensive to get a table, but it is always so very busy.
        I thought about it Amy and iv had a look on the site but I just cant see how much it actually is! Theres lots of figures and im a bit stumped! haha


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          3D2D & Rural Crafts are the two main craft marquees at this event. I did enquire into it 5 years ago. Not being a member of either of these associations and with 3 weeks before the show there was a couple of spaces left within the shopping marquee (retail) and was quoted £1100 +VAT for an undressed 10ft x 10ft space, no walls, no electrics etc, just space............... I choose not to do it.

          I have a number of friends who have tried it and have very mixed reports but none have choosen to return, even the 3d2d members who do get reduced rates in comparision to my quote.

          I decided that I would rather pay for 3/4 days at other smaller events, lower costs and a much higher profit margin over the number of days.



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            We have a stand in the 3D2D marquee every year. It is expensive at 750 quid for a 3m x 2m stand, but that is a shell scheme and you can take a smaller size. You can book space only ( no walls) at a cheaper rate. And you get tables, chairs and electricity included in the price, which isn't usually the case at a large event.

            The other good thing about 3D2D is they don't charge VAT - which is a bonus if you aren't VAT registered.

            Like I said, it 's not cheap, but bear in mind the show is open from 9am till 7pm for 4 days, so that is a lot of selling time and it does get really busy.

            It used to be one of the best shows we did, but it has gone down a little over the past few years. I think that's just a general sign of the times.

            I would recommend the 3D 2D marquee as I think it has the reputation of being the best place at the show to see crafts. There are other marquees and shopping malls, but the general public opinion is that 3D2D is the best.
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