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    Good luck everyone - I hope we all have a very successful day at our various events selling our excellent goodies. Have fun.

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    Thank you....just about to set off. car all packed, new sat nav to program will let everyone know how I did.

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      Yes good luck everyone!!! I'm guessing loads of members will be doing fairs today and fingers crossed you'll all take loads of cash from those eager Christmas shoppers
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        Good luck everyone. I think as it ges nearer, people wallets get easier to open. so with any luck you'll all do well!
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          Good Luck everyone I'm off toa christmas fair.


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            Thanks for the good wishes - they didn't help though!

            The craft fair I was at today was being run by the parish council - their first one. I should have known better. They didn't have a clue about advertising, didn't even have anything outside to say the fair was on!

            Halfway through the day, when we'd had no customers in, they panicked a bit and scribbled on some card that they put outside, then asked if they could have the posters I'd made for my car windows (my own publicity for the fair, just in case). They put them on their miniature train and drove it through the village to try to attract custom.

            It didn't work.

            The only good thing was that at the end of the day they were embarrassed enough to refuse to take payment for the stalls.



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              We have a had a few really bad events lately... but today was really good.

              It was @ Tom Browns in Nottingham... a lovely restaurant.. with markee's outside.....

              It was busy all day... the restaurants was busy all day ... and the stall holders were happy!

              It was their first Christmas Market... so I'm sure they will be doing it every year!


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                Guess I am somewhere in the middle then, this was a new fair for me, and while it was fairly well attended they weren't spending. I just about covered my costs including fuel to get me there. oh well there is always next weekend.
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                  Hi Hilary

                  Where were you?? I have just done 2 days at St Gemma's Hospice and I have never seen anything like it. Last night was 5 hours & 4 of them were manic, I didn't get to sit down at all from 3pm to 5.30. Thankfully today was more of a steady stream. I'm doing Leeds Farmers Market tomorrow so am hoping the lucky streak continues.

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                    We had 3 stall out today, all very good.

                    2 out tomorrow, one is a triple - so 3 of us working on it.

                    Good luck everyone

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                      Had a reasonably good day today - lots of visitors but lots not spending as well!

                      All in all, my fairs this year have been very good so I am hoping to finish the year on a high.
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                        I had a very very quiet one today, at a school Christmas Fair - covered costs, and my petrol, but hardly a hugely profitable day. There was a lot of people there, just not many spending - the lady on the stall next to me (an Usborne books rep), and the only other stall holder I managed to talk to both had similar days, so I'll put it down to the location and move on... I can't compete with sweeties and exciting games! My average for Christmas show's is still reasonable though, and I have a couple more events to go before the end of this year, so fingers crossed!

                        Well done to everyone who had good days!
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                          Had a really good day in Quinton, a good steady stream of customers. I'v had a good year with fairs this year, think I have been lucky to have picked the right venues at the right time!




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                            Well done, Caz. Glad your year has been good too.

                            Seem to be very mixed results with the UK fairs at the moment.

                            One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

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                              Good 2 days (this week end just gone) with the National Trust at Arlington Court here in windy rainy Devon. Fair in good marquee coupled with the house being open for visitors to see. Carriage rides and 'Victorian characters' aswell.

                              Done a fair every week end for the last 4 week ends . 3 good ones (proper organiser) 1 really bad one (local village fundraising do). Local market coming up trumps too.