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How much for a hot food van outside the venue?

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  • How much for a hot food van outside the venue?

    Hi there,

    I have had a phonecall from a hot food van owner asking to put her van outside the venue for my craft fair. I just wanted to check what you more experienced craft fair owners would charge for a food van to be outside for the day? I'm thinking about £20-£30, does this sound about right to you lot?


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    sounds much too cheap to my mind, how big is your event and if you did even teas how much would you stand to make. these peeps in vans charge about £2 for a plain burger or hot dog. I would think at the price you are thinking of they stand to make more than you

    thats just my thoughts



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      I mix with many hot foodies, minimum they pay is £100 for a small event up to £thousands for a large one

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        Sounds like £100 minimum then as I know Jane does lots of events so would have a good grasp on these things......which equals more money for you than you thought Bangles

        It's so handy to have knowledgeable folk on here to ask those slightly obscure questions to as otherwise the food van man would've been laughing all the way to the bank.
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          I'd have thought £100 an absolute minimum, although it does depend on size of the event in terms of numbers of stalls and numbers of visitors.

          At the Midlands History Festival and other large scale events I am involved with we ask for a deposit of £100 and then an additional amount based on how well the caterer(s) have done - our caterers are with us year after year, so we have a pretty good relationship and can trust them to play fair. It also means we can influence their prices and keep things reasonable, especially for the participants when the public have gone home.

          Best wishes