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Anyone Fancy Selling At A History Festival?

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  • Anyone Fancy Selling At A History Festival?


    August 7th & 8th Laurie Wignall of the infamous Trollsbottom Beer Tents and I are staging the Midlands History Festival at Stratford Armouries, just North of Stratford-upon-Avon, see for details of the venue, although they don't make much of the 90 acres of playground that we will be using!

    See our fledgling website at and the facebook group at to get a flavour of what we intend, alos check out for lots of colourful photos from my North Wales medieval event.

    Now, given all that lovely space and an event which we suspect will be mobbed by the public - Stratford-upon-Avon being tourist honeypot and the open top tourist buses calling into Stratford Armouries even 15 minutes during peak season (which this is!), banners on the M40 and A46, and our usual comprehensive advertising campaign, I thought maybe some people would be interested in a Craft Marquee.

    Tables would be standard six foot type of thing, and prices for the weekend would be £60 a table or £55 for table equivalent space if you don't need a table. You'd need PLI, but as we also have a Historic Market we are not insisting on hand made.

    On the basis of a 50-trader Marquee, with no more than 5 of any particular craft discipline, who would be interested?

    If we get sufficient interest, we'll get the Marquee booked and send out Booking Forms. Payment not required until July 1st.

    So, who's up for it?

    Best wishes

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    Once more, I would, I would, and well willingly, but it's too far for me to get to. Sigh...

    Scorch's Pyrography :
    Crafts on Flickr :


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      I'd be up for it but could only do a Sunday, Maybe another jeweller would like to do the Saturday and share the cost if thats allowed? Selina


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        Hi David,
        Have e-mailed you.


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          Hi David,

          I would be interested and i dont live that far away.

          I make jewellery and cards.


          Facebook Page
          Folksy Shop


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            Hi I used to live nearish to Stratford and whenever there was an event on at the weekends especially near the canal it was very busy so I think you should have a successful event - wish you the best of luck with it.


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              When I look at the list of re-enactment societies and groups that have already signed up for this event, I make a mental note to myself about ear-plugs.

              Quite apart from the cannons that are part of the Stratford Armouries displays (and some of which they are prepared to have fired as poart ofthis show!) there are a whole lot of black powder weapons in prospect, including the Napoleonic Kings German Artillery (English) and the 4th Battalion Royal Foot Artillery (French). Plus from earlier eras, The Gun Company and the De Warenne Household, who provide most of the artillery for the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival (largest medieval battle re-enactment in the world).

              We are looking at having to provide several thousand pounds worth of black powder!!!!

              Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funnily enough, black powder weapons seem to be louder than an equivalent modern weapon.

              Best wishes