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    Hi there

    I'm new to this forum and in my first season of jewellery making. I began making necklaces to sell at my kids' school Christmas Fair, which was this Saturday. It went quite well and I've more or less made back what I spent, but now I really want to continue making and selling jewellery if I can.

    Does anyone live in London or know what the situation with London craft fairs is? I find the whole thing rather intimidating. The small local fairs I've approached already seem to have jewellery makers in residence. Is it possible to get a stall at a bigger London fair?

    All advice much appreciated.


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    I was talking to a lady at a fair the other day. She's the other half to your coin. She's looking for stallholders for her 'do'.
    All us south of the M25 lot moan about being put off going to London - high cost of the tube, congestion and the congestion charge, time it takes travelling etc. I told her there were loads of crafters in London looking for someone to sell and suggested she post here. So keep your eyes peeled....and she might turn up.
    I have no other details as she'd clocked me as a M25 Moaning Minny and went off to talk to the girl from Putney.


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      Hi Becky,
      I'm from North London and have found the same, that its hard to get affordable stall for jewellery at craft fairs in London. A lot of the bigger fairs charge a bomb to hold a stall, which is quite discouraging when you are first starting out (I've only been selling my stuff for a couple of months). But definitely keep your eyes peeled on here as I've managed to get booked in at a couple of events through this site (one good event and two bad). Have you thought about doing jewellery parties or sales at work? The fairs side of things seems to be a bit hit and miss as far as I can tell.
      Good luck!


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        if this helps... I will be there myself but never been before so cannot say much about it.

        The Misty Moon Craft and Art Fair at The Honor Oak Bar, 1 St German's Road, Forest Hill, SE23.

        Spaces are still available for the Christmas Fair on the 19th and 20th December, if you are interested contact Stuart on 07960 993737 or email me on [email protected]
        The PinkSheep, made in loveland


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          Hi Becky

          I agree it is really hard to find affordable craft fairs around London, I too live in the North London area, you could try stallfinder which shows what's in your area.

          Smileykate, I live in Mill Hill where abouts are you?

          I did my first craft fair after my illness at my son's secondary school on Saturday, it was well organised there were 5 other jewellery stalls there but 2 were only handmade. I did quite well I must admit got the cost of the table back and some more and we were given free tea/coffee and chocolate crossants too but I am afraid it will be the last craft fair I will be doing.

          The after effects of the fair left me with a lot of problems with my health, I am sad about not doing it anymore, because I got a lot of positive feedback on my jewellery but my health comes first.

          I will continue making my jewellery but only will sell on my website.

          Take care.


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            Hi Myra,
            I'm in Enfield so not all that far from you! Glad to hear that you did well at the school fair. I did one the other week over in Hendon and did terribly :-( I donate a percentage of my profits to charity so hopefully this Saturday's fair in Enfield Town will be more successful. So sorry to hear that your health problems are preeventing you from doing the craft fairs.

            Becky - another thought I just had. It might be worth looking into doing a stall at Spitalfields or the Sunday Up Market. Lots of jewellery stalls there and they all look quite busy. No idea how much a stall costs though!


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              Hi everyone

              Thanks for the advice. I'm feeling very confused at the moment as I so want to carry on with this jewellery making but it's just not possible unless I can sell some to at least cover my costs. It's frustrating. It sounds from what you all say that it is possible to get stalls if you try, but it's not the most reliable form of selling in any case.

              Do you all have websites? I do also quite like the jewellery party idea.



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                Is Sidcup too far out?
                Victoria was asking for stallholders on 5th Dec.
                If you put Sidcup in the Seach box the thread should come up.


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                  I'm not actually sure where Sidcup is! So it probably is too far. But it's encouraging to know that people are actually looking for stallholders somewhere...


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                    Well to a country girl it's at the north eastern top of the houses I call London. It's a get on a tube train and you get there.

                    We were smiling yesterday at the different attitudes of in Londoners and out Londoners. I've heard people south of the Thames cry I couldn't possibly do that fair - it's north of the river. Us outsiders go we paid £**** for our one day travel pass. We're not going to waste one minute! North, South East and West, we buzz around London like maniacs to make the most of the day.


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                      Sidcup is in South London actually ? Well, they call themselves Kent...unless there are several ones...

                      HAs anyone looked at Covent Garden ? They are looking for new Sellers on the Apple Market (they are full for soap and b&b)

                      Apple Market – new traders wanted!

                      Covent Garden’s historic Apple Market is looking to recruit the best of the UK’s craft producers and antiques traders to sell their products in this world famous destination. Covent Garden London welcomes purveyors of exceptional, distinctive goods to complement the surroundings. Ceramics, glasswear, clothing, gifts and general high quality crafts produced and hand-made in the UK are what the Market is looking for.

                      Apple market: Need to know

                      The Apple Market will be the only market in London that sells unique hand-made craft products which are only produced within the UK. The Apple Market supports the arts and crafts industry of Great Britain by creating an environment that genuinely nurtures art and crafts and provides a busy, evocative retail venue to showcase emerging talent. In the long-term, the aim is to build on Covent Garden’s famous arts and crafts heritage by building a creative hub that showcases the best in unique hand-made goods.

                      If you are interested in a stall at the Covent Garden Apple Market, or for more information, please contact the Apple Market Manager on [email protected] or tel. 020 7420 5855.


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                        Yes Sidcup has a Kent address but is in the London Borough of Bexley. They made up Bexley borough in the sixties.