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    Has anyone had a stall with Millennium Crafts ? How are their fairs organised is there a good footfall etc. Thinking about trying to get a table at the Lytham, Preston etc nect year ?

    Their website is here

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    I attended the one in Lytham this year,it was their 1st even at the venue. I personally didn't do very well, but I am new to crafting and at the moment I'm having diffculty selling the concept behind my products.

    I visited the venue the week before and advertising leaflets were available to take away which covered people who were exhibiting, you have to be booked early to get included on the advertising.

    The footfall was better on the Saturday. Sunday was very slow.

    There is a craft fair runs one Sunday a month which is an established event, I think you can get the details from the venue.


    • #3 also have shows at Lowther Pavilion, Lytham - I've just come back from there! Today (Sunday) was better than Saturday for me, though I suppose it depends on what you're selling - it was a younger audience and families today, where Sat was mostly older people. They'll be announcing their 2010 list soon.

      The only Millenium Crafts fair I've been to was a village hall near me as a visitor in 2008. I got the impression that one wasn't very busy, but they didn't book it again for 2009. Most of their venues look pretty good.
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        i Have done my first fayre with them this year and i will do it again next year if i can get in.
        They seem very organised and look after you pretty well. Footfall was steady, not really busy but i did not expect that for the time of year and i did ok. Not brilliant but ok.
        If i had to critsie them it would only to be to say that i did not see it advertised on the main by-pass of the town it was in( but it was very well sign posted in the town itself) and i did not see it in my local paper ( but i may have missed it, i can't say for def that it was not in).
        i'd def recommend giving them a go....
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          millenium is run by a lovely couple who work there backsides off to make every show as sucessful as possible. Ive only done one show due to family ilness but at southport tony spent all day on the high street giving out leaflets, you couldnt as for more.