Hi Guys,

Im new to the forum but am trying to get myself ready for my first year of christmas fairs and markets, all of my products are handmade from Vietnam. I live and work with orphanages here and run an online website that donates 30% of my sales back to the children i work with.

I head beack to england on the 1st nov and then have a varity of fairs booked until xmas.

My problem is how much do i buy and bring back. Nearly all of my products are gifts and i think the should do well at christmas time. I currently do a small weekly market via my mum in dartmouth devon and have had a very constant level of sales throughout the summer there. On average at the moment im selling for example between 15-20 silk scarves every show.

What do you guys find your sales go up % wise for christmas events. I know thats a crazy hard thing to judge but any rough estimates would be helpful!

Thanks guys

p.s does anyone with a website use ekmpowershop beacuse i havent been able to get on my site for about three days...am i the only one?