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  • Thinking a year ahead

    There is a guy I know who has a record of organising good fairs. (In fact he got me started on my second to best one.) I met him in connection with Medieval Fairs. I told him about you poor crafters not being able to find shows and he's sympathetic so two questions.....

    if there was a 2 day historical fair near Hemel Hempsted at the end of September 2010 and a table in a basic tenty marquee thingy was pretty cheap but the stuff on sale had to be historical in some way (it'll be multi era) how many of you would be interested? There'd be free camping and cheap beer and a trader friendly atmosphere.

    The second one is a 2 day Medieval/ Frost Fair near Derby, not so strict about what's for sale.
    You get a table in a posh heated marquee for £60 but can share to split the cost, free camping but it'll be cold - end of October 2010. With an after hours Halloween party.
    Who'd be up for that one?


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    Bring it all closer to South Wales and we would be interested!!!!!!
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      Hubby and I would be interested in the Derby fair with our cards and candles


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        The Derby one sounds interesting as I should be moving near there by next year.
        Lorna x - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!


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          Derby one would be of interest as not too far away.


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            Historical Fair @ Hemel Hempstead

            We could get interested in this one.....although, would old time transport be considered historical? I.e. steam trains, traction engines, vintage cars, ancient buildings, etc? Steve......15B Images


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              I'd be interested.......... did the medievalists (is that a real word) wear gold and silver.... may take me a year to put something together..Always keen to break into something new.
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                Definately! For the multi era one.
                For those of you not familiar with Historical Fairs your customers will be:
                * nit picky people who dress up and acquire stuff copying pictures painted at the time and they aim to be accurate down to the last stitch,
                * museum curaters 'dressing' their museum rooms to look like in olden times. They may or may not know what's accurate.
                * actors and people who like pretty things. They like eye candy and go for a Hollywood version of history.
                * the public - usually families come for a good day out. They come to see the knights bashing things and falling off their horses and will buy a souvenir to take home.

                David the part and whole organier of these fairs said he wasn't going to make petty rules about who to let take part. He would let the market decide. The only thing you can't do is put a modern tent or stall up outside. Only historical looking ones....but I was suggesting to him you might like to be in a marquee or very big tents he could portion up.
                I told him there was a need for mini stalls too - I'm thinking 3 foot (half tables) where new people or those with only a bit of relevent stock could dip their toe in the market and see if it works for them.

                We could do with Scorch commenting here because she's not strictly Medieval but she does do the Colchester Oyster Fair which is run on similar lines.

                Carl - yes they did. The easiest thing to do would be to copy something seen on a portrait (or the V & A if you're in London). But what you could aim for is getting your eye in for particular styles, then you can make your own pieces and be arty rather than crafty. I'm not sure where to start you off with a bit of reseach.
                Suggestions would be...
                a general coffee table book of the history of jewellery
                Pick a century that appeals and them home in on it
       is our man when we are seaching for something obscure.
                You can do industrial espionage. Steve has been going for ages and is the costume jewellery man but being cast his stuff can be too cloncky for fine ladies with silk dresses. Nicky has limited herself to Medieval and Tudorebethan and her stuff is lovely.
                I might be blind but what I can see is missing is later stuff. Someone once asked me to make some Motzartian earings. They were like chandeliers and bits hooked together so you could make a brooch or pendant or earings out of them. I've never seen anyone selling those - neither had my customer .
                If you want to google (images can be irritatingly fussy) start with the Elizabethan Costuming Page. It has links to museums who put images of their painting on line. Watch out. That site is growing like Topsy. Mind you don't get side tracked.
                And it's worth digging about in the Traders section of and the reenactor's forum (am I allowed to tell you the link?) Goole Living History and you'll find it. (Those last 2 are where to advertise if you get the bug )

                Have fun