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  • How to display cards

    Could anyone give me ideas about how to display cards on a stall? I have never had a stall before and any suggestions and tips would be welcome. Thanks!!!

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    I use white wicker baskets lined with gingham, tiered high at the back, also plate stands. You can also get mini easels from somewhere like Ikea. There are tiered shelf units or twirly ones like you see in shops. It's personal choice really, if you do a mock up on your table at home, covering it with a sheet or table cloth (most fairs like you to cover front, bottoms and sides, so you can't see under the table) and see if you yourself like your own display. There are also a number of threads on here with pictures of peoples' stalls/tables...if you do a 'search' you should get some pop up, have a look and see what you like Hope this helps
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      I bought some card display units off an online auction website (not sure if I'm allowed to mention which one lol)

      They seem to work a treat!

      I also saw a lady once use a photo display thing (the one with the crocodile clips) and that looked really good!

      But Nettie is right, it's all personal choice :-)


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        Here is a tip if you dont mind the colour and want cheap . . .

        Ask at the music desk of your local supermarket! The cardboard stands they have in for events like valentines where it isnt huge and fits onto a shelf are perfect. Also the DVD ones that get sent in for big releases work well too, some may need a coat of paint or some other covering, but much cheaper than buying one!!

        If you want something a bit bigger, they have tall FSDU's in for bigger events, my store have just thrown away 10 of them (and have some more due in next month!)

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          Thanks everyone! Some really helpful suggestions there. That has stopped me panicking and running round in circles. I shall start looking this weekend.


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            I used to sell cards and bought some proper tabletop card stands which worked really well and give a very professional look to the stall display. You can also lay cards out on the stands so that your designs can be seen quickly and there is less 'handling' damage.

            (I have one rotating and two static stands). I am looking to sell these to someone who may get use out of them.

            If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will be happy to send further info.

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              I shall start looking around for baskets and tiered stands. Next thing is ....what table covering!!!
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                I find tablecloths for large tables work well...also in places like Laura Ashley home stores they sell off remnants of material cheaply - have got green damask cloth which looks good at christmas this way! You can also use contrasting material as 'runners' and pin cards to them so they hang down the front of your stall....

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                  Originally posted by Spectrum View Post
                  I shall start looking around for baskets and tiered stands. Next thing is ....what table covering!!!
                  Large sheets work well - if you haven't got any spare in suitable colours look in the sales.


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                    card display

                    We use clear perspex troughs in our shop, works a treat. Try looking for them online or on an auction site sometimes business' are getting rid of theirs so you can pick them up quite cheap.


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                      Thanks everyone for your suggestions.