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  • Bath Pavillion....

    Someone asked us if we could organise a craft fair in Bath and suggested a few venues.

    I've been to Bath lots of times, as I don't live far away, but I knew nothing of the venues. So I emailed them all.

    Just got a reply to my query from Bath Pavillion....£180 per hour peak time, or of you book in the not-very-popular months, you can get 8 hours for £600.......ahahahahaaaaa...shocked? moi? nooooooo.......much!

    Even though I know it's a great venue & location.....and we'd never fill that hall, it's about the same size as a football pitch.....oh dear, I think we have to walk before we can run....jings, crivens an' he'p ma bo'ab.....

    Going for a strong coffee now.....

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    Wow!!! Bath would be a good venue though, have you had any other suggested venues for that area? I will have a think. Maybe try community halls or schools?
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      I've emailed three, The Pavillion, The Guild Hall and somewhere else.

      We were going for venues in the centre of town, as this is better for getting people through the doors - if they are already in town shopping etc.

      Just pondering the Pavillion over my coffee. It would be worth doing, if I could get enough people interested. I think you could fit 100+ stalls in there.

      We have a lot of crafters on our books, but not that many.....and if you didn't have a full hall, then it would all look a little lost, rattling around in such a huge space.

      We'll wait and see what the Guildhall has to say....

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        Just to let you know...

        I don't live near bath, but last year went on a 'Girlie' weekend coach trip to do some shopping.
        On the Saturday we were taken into Bath town centre and it was MOBBED.
        We gave up shopping in the end and sat by the river, you just could'nt move in any of the shops, cafes or pubs!
        We later found out there were 500 coaches in bath that day (yes i did say 500!)
        so there you go i would say it's a great place to put on an event as there is lots of people about!!


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          Good luck!

          Hi Jules and everyone, I am the one who asked to organise fairs in Bath

          I knew the Pavillion would be very expensive but not that much...
          I guess the Guild Hall will be even more expensive.

          What about outside venues that I suggest?
          eg) Queens Square, Shire's Yard etc.

          I think these are more affordable although the indoor is nicer of course in case of rain.. but it can be lovely on a sunny day in spring/summer!

          As you know, Bath has a great potential for very successful craft fairs (not just because it's convenient for me )!!

          I will ask my local friends in Bath if they know the other possible venues too.

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            Bath Craft Fair

            The Guildhall as a venue is perfect but I can guarantee you that it will be too expensive.

            I work for the Council and am based in the Guildhall and the prices that are charged are extortionate. They don't offer any discount for employees but I might be able to ask around and see what other possible venues we have that might be slightly cheaper.

            Church Halls are usually a goer as are school halls and they don't charge any where near as much.

            Bath Cats and Dogs Home used to use the Pavillion for their Christmas Craft Event but I think the cost became too much for them.

            I don't know anything about the cost but what about hiring a large marquee and hiring the Cricket Club or Rugby Ground - both of these are in the Centre of Bath and might be slightly cheaper.

            There is also Green Park Station - which is next to Sainsburys and they have lots of Stalls selling all sorts - I don't know if you could hijack that for a day and do a Craft Fair.

            I am on leave from work these week but when I go back in I will speak to "those that know" and let you know.

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              Thanks Willow!

              It'd be great if you could look into it a bit more. The Guild Hall haven't deigned to reply yet....

              Indoor venues are better. With outdoor venues, we have to look at stall or marquee hire, and licenses, which are very expensive. Stalls for our Taunton events are going to be £1500 + VAT, then extra on top for table hire.

              It's shocking how much charges are, and I never realised this until I started organising.

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                Bath pavillion

                Have you tried Bath Library as I know the SAA Art Club hold exhibitions there sometimes not sure of the floor space or how much it costs but it might be worth looking into. Ellimae


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                  I haven't tried the Library, but I'll look into it on Monday.

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                    What about the sports and leisure centre? Would they let you use their indoor sports hall - it's not really in the centre of town though - I don't suppose the pump rooms attached to the Roman Baths are worth considering? Thousands upon thousands of tourists go to that part of Bath because of the Abbey. I shall rack my brains although I hardly ever go into bath in the months between March and, ooo, February, because it's usually gopping with tourists. I used to work right in the centre of bath, literally right in the centre, and if I wanted to go anywhere at lunchtime it would take forever to get past the tourists. I wanted to wear a big placard saying "get out of my way! I'm local, don't you know!"

                    I'm just investigating renting a mobile pitch from BANES council - one of those street stalls on wheel things - I wonder if they'd let you hire them all en masse for the day and put them in the abbey courtyard? They all have their own individual coverings?

                    Here is the link, if it's of any use (in convoluted format as it won't let me include links)

                    Please refer to our website www bathnes (dot) gov (dot) uk, go to A-Z, then S for Street Trading and Licensing
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                      Hi, I also live in Bath and am looking for a local fair. The pavillon would be a great spot especially as it has its own parking but there is a lot of space there.

                      If you go ahead I would definately be interested.


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                        I'd consider doing an event in Bath but my only concern (from past experience!) is parking. It's a right pain to have to park your car miles from the venue, especially when it comes to the end of the day.

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                          yeah parking isn't great, sounds like a Pavillion would suit more of a show.