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Craft Fairs in Leeds & surrounding area?

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  • Craft Fairs in Leeds & surrounding area?

    Afternoon everyone!

    I'm looking for any craft fairs in the Leeds and immediately surrounding area - I came across the forum while googling it and it brought up a couple of threads from last year by Nat73 and Bronwen - they were commenting on craft fairs in Rothwell and Morley (and I think Drighlington).

    I have emailed them directly as I can't find any further posts regarding the fairs, however neither of the members seem to have posted for quite a while so suspect they may not get my email.

    Does anyone know of any in the Leeds area?

    I have done Artsmix events, and have come across Yorkshire Craft Fairs on the internet this morning, but am hoping to find some more fairs which are more localised as well.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    i do some yorkshire craft fairs, Bingley is a good one to do if you can get in to it as is a few of the others in the area. We come from manchester but do a few round leeds with yorkshire fairs as the wife is from wortley


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      Hi lightphase - that's great, thanks very much for the reply and the info.

      I've been in touch with Yorkshire Craft Fairs about the Bingley ones today, he's sending info out to me this afternoon - it's always hugely helpful to hear from people who've been and can recommend them so thanks.

      And I'm also from Wortley!!

      Blimey - I'm not your wife am I....?


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        Hi Gbird. Try googleing anythingbutbeige. which is Nat's craftfair organ ID. also try another Natasha she says if you email photos or links to your web if you have one. to [email protected] she runs fairs out of the crypt at Leeds Town Hall every month. I've not done one yet as her dates collide with others I have already booked. but she is a lovely lass and I'm sure she will help if she can.

        have you tried if you decide to register with them quote hilarysedgwick in the FOS box and we both get a free month.
        Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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          we used to have a house near netto on roseneath place. i remember it well and miss la fraz pizzas lol.

          Don is nice and helpful and the way he helps new people is cool, the third show at a venue is free. Im off to his fair at stokesley tomorrow, should be a good day.

          The only one ive not done well at is ilkley, but a few photographers go there. Have you tried his york one. thats a good one too,. busy on saturdays, quieter on sundays


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            Thanks very much Hils - that Stallfinder site is fantastic, found a fair bit through there so that's been invaluable, thanks!

            Tried the anythingbutbeige site but comes up with page cannot be displayed. Not to worry I'll keep trying.

            lightphase - that's incredibly spooky - I lived on Roseneath Terrace for a fair few years in the early 90's - left the area for a few years but back now - on Highfield Crescent so didn't go far lol, and la fraz is still there and as tasty as always

            I'm hoping Dons information will be here today so all being well I'm hoping to book in for either the October and two Novembers or the two Novembers and one December in Bingley - the Leeds/Selby Christmas fair is fully booked already which is a shame, but hopefully I'll be at the Bingley fairs.

            The December fair clashes with another regular event I found which is at Haworth - at the Bronte School Hall I think. If anyone has any experience of these Haworth events I'd be very grateful to hear your thoughts?

            Good luck at Stokesley today - fingers crossed for you it's a good one!

            Thanks again to all for your help and advice - I'm so glad I found this forum, what a fabulously helpful lot you are



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              is harrogate too far?

              Hi I organise fairs in Harrogate and Wetherby...would they be close enough for you? If you want more details get in touch.


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                Yes please Deborah!

                I'll email you... thanks

                G. x


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                  I am hoping to organise a Christmas Fashion and Gift Fair at Ilkley on Sunday NOvember 8th 11-4. The event will be well organised and well marketed. Tables will be approximateley £25 for a 6ft stand. We are hoping that this will become a regular event for 2010. If you are interested please email me [email protected]


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                    Thanks very much Caroline - I already have a fair booked in for the 8th - typical isn't it!

                    Travel to Ilkley is no problem at all, I go out quite regularly so any in the future I'd be very interested in - good luck for the 8th :-)



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                      Originally posted by sewgorgeous View Post
                      Hi I organise fairs in Harrogate and Wetherby...would they be close enough for you? If you want more details get in touch.
                      Hello Deborah
                      I saw your responce on this thread and would be interested in info on the fairs you do.
                      We are looking to book some for the new year and possilby a couple at the end of this year.
                      Our email address is [email protected]

                      Thank you in advance and hope to see you at one of them soon

                      Caroline and Rees