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Frustration trying to get info on events!!

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  • Frustration trying to get info on events!!

    I am soooo frustrated and about to boil over!!

    I have spent two days trying to get some basic information about two events I am interested in doing, the organisers have managed to send me info on one, but not the other! I ring up and she talks ten to the dozen down the phone, then says shall I email you all the info? Brilliant I think, I can then digest it...but info on only one comes through. So two phone calls later I finally get another email about the other event, but with attachments for the original again, and she has gone home!!!!

    A very helpful sounding girl offers to help me and send on the details...but that was over an hour ago and it hasn't materialised!

    Is this what all craft fairs are like? Do I need to just suck it up and pay the money and hope they are more competent on the day, because at the moment it is not filling me with a great deal of confidence that I am going to get there and find what I have paid for!


    (Sorry for ranting...been a long day, and got no painting done...)

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    I'd be ranting too if it was me. I think you have to make up your own mind, based on the info you already have.

    sorry not much help...
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      You have to wonder if they are not organised enough to send you the information you asked whether they will be organised enough to actually organise a good craft fair....
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        My worry in a nut shell!

        The problem is I really want to do one of these fayers in particular and feel if I don't do it just because they are incompetent am I cutting my own nose off to spite my face, but then there is another part of me that thinks, I don't want to give people like that my money!

        I'll see what tomorrow never know they might put themselves in gear and actually get the info I want to me! Whatever I am going to be asking for a hefty discount on account of them being mooks!



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          I would move onto someone who is a bit more organised and vote with your money and feet.

          I am surprised you are not able to get more details from a website? They must have an online presence of some sort
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            Hmmmmm.....I'm just thinking about one fair I had to go on a scenic route to track down who to talk to but the actual fair was beautifully organised (actually it was slightly lacking in advertising and customers but I got a free mincepie....)
            another one came over with a quick response and very officious, draconian forms to fill in and were rubbish at telling you where it was or where my stall was supposed to be or where to park my van or having helpful help..... They had pulled the customers in though.

            My best fairs give you a discount for booking a year in advance, have the trader's booking forms and ALL THE OTHER INFO on their website. You are greeted on arrival, given a site plan and the number of your pitch. Told where to park after you have unloaded (at or close to your table/pitch) and the hunky young men offer to help...they don't just stand around smoking/chewing gum/looking lost. They have tons of customers......hmmmm I wonder why I keep returning to these ones?


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              Ooooo sounds good do let me know who they are! Probably nowhere near me but it's worth an ask.....
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                Sorry - you have to make things for the historical reenactor market...
                but if you do PM me.


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                  Well today I had a call asking if I had the original email (With the wrong attachment), and I asked, aghast, did you not speak to the other person in your office?? No, why? and I explained...oh, she said...let me put her on on comes the other one...who reads me back my email address...

                  Heres where the problem has occurred...I have several email accounts, I had given them one, and sent from a different one as they all come from the same outlook box on my machine...she had ten made one up as a frankinstein mix of the two!! No wonder I didn't get it!

                  Any hooooo....have info, the other show is not in the best location, although much closer to home, and is more expensive for less days, so have opted for the sooner one...yikes!!!

                  So I am booked in! However did get her to throw in a table (£7.50) and power (£25) for £5!! So feeling quite chuffed, the stall was already discounted by over £100!

                  Now to get much stock do you normaly take with you? enough to fill the stand and then some??? Enough to fill the stand twice over? I have never doen anything like this before and don't want to get it horribly wrong!

                  (Am now hoping for hunky men to help this a usual thing??? lol)