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Ideas needed for displaying bag charms at a craft fair

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  • Ideas needed for displaying bag charms at a craft fair

    I am doing a craft fair in december (have only done one before about 4 years ago) and needs some ideas please on how to display my handmade bag charms.
    I don't want to just lay them down flat on the table as I would like people to be able to see them at a bit of a distance so hopefully they would be drawn to come and have a look (and buy!).

    I am not really sure where to start. I know that I don't want to get a rotating stand to hang them on as they are all different lengths and wouldn't want them getting tangled. Also the stands I have seen while googling are expensive.

    Any ideas would be most welcome.
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    How about using a photo frame with a padded inside (where the picture would sit. You can put some soft thin wadding under some nice fabric and then put it between the frame. Only put the wadding in the inner part of the frame (if that makes sense). You should be able to then prop these up or you could use cork notice boards in the same way only you will have to cover the frame to hide your fabric ends or you could just paint the cork board and use pins or something to hang the charms from.

    Hope that helps


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      I saw a lovely display the other day like this.

      I was thinking of using an upside down pendant style box with slits in and then push the individual cards into the slits.
      Another idea I thought of was to sew /stick some hooks from the hook and eye clothes fasteners into a board and hang charms or pendants from them

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        I get cheap cancases. paint with some left over paint and then screw in little brass hooks accross the top. then hang each one off a hook. I display the canvases on little easles, but you could just lean them up aginst a tin of baked beans etc.
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          How about a nice glass or vase, and hang them from it? Just thinking, though, this would work well for earrings, but the clasps may break the glass

          Last year I bought a Christmas stand from John Lewis. It was about £8, I think, and I can hang things from it. I haven't been to town for ages, but I bet Christmas things are in the shops soon.

          I love silvermaids display, it looks really classy.
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            Yes - the display stands in john Lewis last Christmas would be perfect! I got one which had lots of little bits to hang stuff and it rotated too.

            You could find a fancy mug tree thing and hang a couple off there!?!


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              I bought this tree like thing from Ikea about a month ago - it's white metal and has lots of branches in all directions. It cost about £3 and stands about 3ft high. That might work well for what you want.

              I just bought it for my necklaces and bracelets that were getting all muddled up in a drawer and it works a treat.
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                I disappeared into the woods behind our house and came back with some lovely branches that had fallen in the wind.

                These were stuck in concrete (use a plastic bottle etc as a mould) painted black and now I have some lovely mini trees to use for display.

                The branches are all different heights so display different lengths perfectly!


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                  I use a necklace hanger. I was given one for christmas several years ago and never got round to using it. When I took my bag charms to a car boot I got the idea to use it. It is one of those with the ladies body in a long evening dress. It's classy enough to get people to notice and then they have a look at the bag charms.



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                    Thats exactly what I do with my bag/phone charms I use a lady body necklace hanger thingy and it works really well! I previously used a candle holder which was very ornate and that looked really good too!


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                      I bought a cork board and covered it with blue velvet I can then pin the phone charms to it. I just prop it upright with a box behind it. Please excuse the cheesy grin!!

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                        My friend used to sell bag charms, we used a cheap plain canvas (from home bargains cost about a pound) and covered it with the same black velvet as our table cloth. She then made lots of loops, in polka dot ribbon, in neat rows for the charms to hang on. Then for the cheaper ones she cut recatngles of black card to put them on, and then put them in a wicker bascket.
                        Oh the boards stood up in acrylic some book stands I got on ebay.
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                          Thank you all for your ideas you fantastic people.
                          A big hug to everyone.
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