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  • Public liability insurance


    Does anyone know of the best place to go to for public liablility insurance? I have had a look on the market traders federation website but was wondering if there are any others? I just want to make sure I am covered for the right insurances for organising my craft fair!


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    I have mine with Ian Wallace the company deals with craft insurance. I'm sure there are others.

    I've always found them helpful when I've had any queries.


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      I was directed to CMTIA (Combined Market Traders Insurance Association), they offer public liability for £47 a year
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        I'm with G.M Imber & Sons - they do a package called Craftsure Starter which covers everything I need for doing shows and fairs, £50 per year and Im covered for £5,000,000 public liability. They have other insurance products too, market trader insurance for example I think and other crafters insurances... hope that helps!


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          Hi there,

          I know this is a bit late but I thought it would still be useful for some people. AN (google a-n) who describe themselves as 'The Artists Information Company' offer a subscription for artists that costs from £28 a year and includes £5million public liability insurance as part of your subscription, along with a frequently published magazine and various other deals.

          It's well worth a look if you don't have insurance already.

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            Insurance a n

            Thants interesting. I took a look at their website as i'm looking for insurance myself. i've booked to do abig wedding fair and a couple of art demo /sale events and as this is new for me I need to sort out insurance. thanks for the info.


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              I am wit the National Market Traders Federation, which gives me Public Liability Insurance (if someone trips over the stall), Product Liability Insurance (if they buy a necklace and it damages them) and Employee Liability Insurance (so if someone is helping me, they are covered if they get hurt). So everyone is covered except me!
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                I got mine a couple of months ago from Direct Line... only £50 for the year and that is o cover our 4k embroidery machine while out at shows.... so a really good price!

                Worth a call?


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                  I thought id jump in and list mine, i pay a bit more than mentioned as i also have camera insurance with them, But i know for some money is tight and they may be put off insurance by paying 50 upfront all at ones. I pay 7 a month for mine, but im sure they do cheaper packages just for liability. Well worth the small monthly fee to protect yourself. If you do shows twice a month its only 3.50 for piece of mind. We use a company online called Liability Guard


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                    Hi, i'm new to craft fairs and as of yet, don't have insurance. Is is necessary? And what kind of things does it cover?


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                      Public liability insurance, is recomended for stall holders, it covers you basically from idiots. If someone touches your light, trips over your cloth, drops a brick off your stall onto there foot, they can sue you for causing injury etc without warning. Liability insurance just gives you piece of mind so it any member of the public (also refered to insurance terms by me as Dumb Ar$#s) finds a reason to sue you for injury or compensation your covered.

                      A few years ago a ring was uncovered who would go round and cause harm to themselves just to place a claim. Since then ive always had insurance to make sure im protected from said Dumb ar$3s


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                        This thread has been really useful. I`ve just subscribed to the Artist Informaton Network as got insurance for 28 quid! I checked the small print and it covers jewellery makers.

                        You can sign up over the internet and they immediately send you a confirmation e-mail for subscription and a letter confirming that membership includes public liability insurance so I was good to go in about 5 minutes.

                        Handy as I need it for an unpcoming fair. How someone will injure themselves on on Origami Paper jewellery though I don`t know.
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                          Paper cuts can be natsy things


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                            Thank-you. I'm interested in doing a fair that you have to have insurance to book on to, so i think i may as well get some. Better to be safe than sorry i guess!

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                              This thread contains some really good info. I use Ian Wallace, but it seems like there are some excellent alternatives out there.

                              I wonder what the world was like in simpler times when people didn't sue for paper cuts.

                              Think back to a time when the health and safety Tzars didn’t dictate our every waking moment and people had to look out for themselves and take personal responsibility.