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    I am apologising to everyone who came to Sutton Valence Craft Fair yesterday 18th July. What a disaster! After delivering a thousand leaflets to the local area, posters in as many places we could think of, an advert in the parish news and the local paper we had approx 80 people through the door (including children) and everyone kept their hands very firmly in their pockets and hardly spent a thing. Most of my stall holders (including my daughter) didn't cover their stall costs - for which I am so sorry. I am at a loss as to what to do next - but have decided that village hall venues are not working - at least for the time being - and will therefore be cancelling our Autumn Craft Fair until we can come up with a better plan. Again, to all Forum members who exhibited yesterday I am very sorry.
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    It sounds like you did all you could with local advertising - if people won't let the moths out of their wallets then there's not much anyone can do.

    I've been to fairs which have been really well advertised and sold virtually nothing, then sold loads at some that had done almost no advertising at all.

    I have found though that village hall fairs do attract browsers/ 'day outers' rather than shoppers, those in town locations tend to attract people more willing to spend.

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      Oh my I was realy so sorry to hear about your fair.But as already been said, you cannot make people buy.I too am organizing a fair here in Grays
      in November I will let every one know how we do,it is the first one here so
      it will be a new thing here.
      Again I do think you did all you could to draw people in though.I had a stall once with 20 other stall holders and only 2 people came through the door.Now that was a wast of time.So you did fine realy lol


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        Just goes to prove that you can do all that you can but you can't make people come or spend money.

        I know EXACTLY how you feel, please don't take it personally, you have done your advertising etc, so what more could you do??? something I worry about before every fair

        I have been told that it might not necessarily be a wrong place but that you need to get established and for people to find what you are about
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          Talking to a few people recently it seems this month has been a bad month for alot of people and you can't force people through the door nor make them buy despite doing everything possible

          I think alot of people thinking about their holidays,entertaining the kids through the summer hols or just looking at craft fairs etc as a nice day out for a browse..having said that I do find Saturday fairs alot quieter than Sunday ones, Saturday is the day when alot of people still do the weekly shop,go into town etc and Sunday is when they look for places to go as a family.
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            What I was trying to say...

            WHen I accidentally posted my comment mid-edit, was:

            As a shiny new stallholder, I learned quite a lot just by being there. And maybe being close to the County Show made it worse! The lady at a farm shop just outside the village on our way home, and said it had been unusually quiet that day. She also blamed the County Show!
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              What a refreshing change - sorry to hear that the event didn't go to well - but by cancelling the later one you can only earn the respect of your exhibitors. It is a shame that others are not as responsible and honest.


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                So sorry to hear it did not go well, maybe as said it is the school holidays looming and parents are thinking of money to spend on that. With this apology I am sure that no one can blame you personally as you did all you could.


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                  I actually would not cancel the next one, maybe offer half price tables and see how it goes!! Personally I think there is a huge downfall in spenders and as others have said with summer and school holidays people do have all that to think of, but by autumn they are starting to think of Christmas etc and things may be different.

                  I know it is a gamble, but if you explain to stall holders the choice is then theirs!

                  Also people are maybe avoiding crowded areas due to swine flu!



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                    Originally posted by GlamGlass View Post
                    I actually would not cancel the next one, maybe offer half price tables and see how it goes!! Personally I think there is a huge downfall in spenders and as others have said with summer and school holidays people do have all that to think of, but by autumn they are starting to think of Christmas etc and things may be different.
                    I completely agree with this - Autumn may be a lot better, especially coming up to Christmas. Don't feel bad about it, it doesn't sound like it was anything to do with your organisation, just the time of year and the lack of people spending at the moment. I bet there are a lot of people away on holiday at the moment too - it's just before the summer holidays so quite a lot of people go away now before the prices go up.

                    Good luck with things for the future.
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                      Hello Liz,

                      it's not your fault, the craft fair was very well organised, the venue was good,Daisy's food and tea were lovely and the background music was good too!
                      It was a very good experience for my first craft fair and sometimes you have to try out things to see if they work or not.
                      The next one can only be better!


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                        Thank you all for your kind remarks particularly minxybags and dagna who where there and suffered with the rest of us - it was lovely to meet you both. The executive commitee of Pie-In-The-Sky Crafts (me, my partner and my sister!!!) is meeting tomorrow to decide the way forward and your comments will all be noted. We definitely want to keep going because we have meet some fabulous people who are creating some really unique work we just need to sort out the type of venue.
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                          Can I say, as one of the stall holders, that the craft fair was very well organised with some great ideas and a wide variety of stalls. Please keep us in mind for when you do plan your next fair. We have seen a drop in customers and sales at nearly all the fairs we have attended recently.
                          Maybe it will pick up after the summer holidays in the run up to Christmas.
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                            I did a craft fair a couple of weeks ago and one on Saturday .... and both went really well.....

                            I'm new to the business.... but we easily covered our rent.... made money and enough to invest in more stock from this weekend.

                            I also advertise my website.... and hope people shop online at a later date.

                            Got to stay positive..... things can only get better!


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                              It happens to everyone at some point, I did one a couple of years ago in aid of the RNLI, and to be honest, there wasn't anything else they could have done, it had been advertised on 2 local radio stations, in the local paper, there were flyers up everywhere about it beforehand, and still no one turned up.

                              It got to a point that all the kids that were there went out with flyers, leaving a load at the MacDonalds up the road, handing them out to the shoppers, and even in some cases posting them through letterboxes of the houses near by.

                              I am inclined to think that it had something to do with the weather alternating between heavy showers and monsoon all day!

                              Don't let it put you off, onwards and upwards