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    I think i've lost all my enthusiasm for craft fairs. I'm still making loads of stuff, but every fair i've done just doesn't bring me the return I need to cover my expenses. What else can I do to sell or increase my exposure that doesn't cost me lots?

    I already had websites and online shops, but as I was only getting 2 hits a month, despite signing the address on forums and posting flyers through doors, I stopped using them. I used Etsy for 2 months, and didn't sell any, so lost out with the listing fees. I'm seeing my only other option being Ebay!

    And I don't think it's because of the items, because I managed to switch my University and course by taking my items in!

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    I can't offer much advice on the craft fairs I'm afraid. However, none of the links in your sig take me anywhere I see your items!!!

    On the internet, if a site doesn't exist, is under construction, has broken links, takes ages to load etc people won't persevere. There's plenty of competition out there and if people can't see what they want instantly they'll go elsewhere and are unlikely to return. Ever!

    If you're going to advertise having a website you need to make sure it works.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh but you may have lost a lot of business this way.

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      Nearly every one you speak to atm is having a hard time so don't assume it is you or your product. As you are at Uni have you thought of a party selling, it as a way for the students to buy reasonable and different crafts from the shops etc and you would have a captive audience. You would then build up a reputation as the best place for gift buying, maybe even branch out into evening parties etc. Notices on the noticboard of the Union etc.


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        I agree with the post above.... the link didn't work for your website.....

        people won't keep looking, they'll just go elsewhere,


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          I've tried to follow your links but like everyone else have found that they don't take me anywhere (or anywhere useful at any rate - taking me to the 123 domain registration site isn't good)

          Without being able to get to your site I can't see what you sell so it's difficult to say much else.

          What sort of events / how many have you done upto now??



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            I understand that we're not getting anywhere on the web links in your signature because like you said, you stopped using them and I would suggest taking them off your sig as like others have said it doesn't look great

            How about creating an album in your profile to showcase your work so that we can have a nosy at what you do?

            My other thought is that everything takes time, particularly online. I've read a lot of threads on here about how long it takes to get decent results from search engines and that the longer your site is up for the more credible it is for the search engines so that might be something to bear in mind.

            How about signing up for a Misi or Folksy shop which aren't too expensive and buying a domain name and having that pointed at your Misi shop for example - possibly a cheaper way of having a 'website'.

            You say you've signed up to forums and tried to advertise that way but again I would suggest that the key is perseverance, there's lots of people on this forum who've been here a lot longer than I have but who I've yet to view their websites mainly because they have yet to be relevant to me but I'm sure that around xmas time all that will change!

            Wow this has turned into a long post whoops sorry! What I'm trying to say is keep posting and keep trying, don't give up after a couple of months, particularly in the current climate (I know it can be hard when it feels like all your doing is paying out) but PERSEVERE

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              I know what you mean about losing enthusiasm, I've done 3 over the past few months which have been very well advertised but have not been very fruitful, sign of the times I spose

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                I hear you, I feel exactly the same at the moment I've got a MISI shop, Etsy shop and a shop linked to my blog and have sold absolutely zilch. I had a Folksy shop that did nothing too. Initially when I started my Etsy shop I had a few sales but mainly to my bloggy friends. I think my stuff is reasonably priced so I'm beginning to think maybe it's pants - ho hum
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                  I agree with others - perseverance is key on the internet (and it helps your offline sales too). Google won't promote short-term sites as well as long-established ones. It is known that blogs get picked up quicker than websites - so your blog could promote your website, etsy, etc., and a blog is free... takes time though! My blog is on page 1 of google for lots of search terms, some of which are totally irrelevant (I get several hits every day for Ikea domsjo sink!), but it shows it can be done in a relatively short time (about 6 months). I haven't done anything specail and I am definitely no expert. My website isn't anywhere near as high yet - but the blog is older and therefore more established.

                  Parties are a great idea - and you can promote your website thru them. You need to research them though as the hardest bit is rebooking parties and keeping the ball rolling.

                  Craft fairs: don't ever just think of them as a mobile shop - they are great places to network, promote your website and parties (can you see a theme emerging?)

                  All these ways of selling interlink and promote each other, if only you let them. There's loads of research you can do on business skills, marketing, promoting, search engines, etc. All these are aspects of successful selling.

                  If you have a good product, don't give up. Like anything worth having, it doesn't come easy. Write a business plan, a marketing plan, and work at it!!

                  Hope this doesn't come across as negative - it is still possible, even in the current climate, to do well at craft fairs, on the internet and through parties. Good luck
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                    To be honest I dont think you are giving any one thing enough time. You say you had items on a webshop for two months then took them off, had websites then took them off, have tried a couple of fairs and want to give up!!!!

                    Sorry but as some have said (and I totally agree) you have to network and get yourself out there to be seen and remembered.

                    I have had my Misi shop since January and have only just started to sell a couple of bits and pieces, I always show my items on this forum and this has generated commissions and future sales (as people remember me, mainly cos I'm always around)

                    I have been involved in craft fairs for 25 years and have seen many crafters come (and go) but those that stay get remembered and now many find that people go to fairs specifically to look for them!

                    I have attended many fairs with my craft and some you win, many you lose, but I am started to get recognised!

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                      Agree with everything the others have been saying - these things take time! I don't often do well at craft fairs (I can't get into the big ones cos they're always booked for jewellery and I'm often considered 'expensive' at the small ones ) but still do the odd one, because you need to get your items out there and seen. I've had my jewellery stocked (and sold!) in shops off the back of a bad craft fair on more than one occasion - demoralising as it can be, they're not all about sales on the day.

                      For the web side of things, how good are your photos? As your sites aren't live I've no idea, but it's soooo important to get good pictures of your stock. Mine aren't perfect, but I'm working on it all the time and they've improved a vast amount from when I first started out. If you're doing something creative at uni, maybe you're lucky enough to know a few photographers who could be persuaded to help you out in exchange for a credit on your website(s)?
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                        Have you thought of asking the Uni if they'd mind you having a table in a corridor (maybe near the canteen?) or maybe in a busy square (but you'd be at the mercy of the weather) once a week for an hour or two? Then seek out other people making stuff and get them to join you (you'll probably find that happens by itself). You'll only be in trouble if it gets too big. The Uni will start thinking they can make money out of you!
                        I'm thinking - it's on Uni property so all the insurance cons should be sorted out.
                        Push to get your pitch free - support local student enterprise!
                        Be regular and the other students and staff will start to seek you out.
                        Maybe do it through the Student Union. A table in the bar? Argue that your customers will increase their sales........