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  • Craft Fairs In Cambridgeshire


    I make jewellery and I would really like to start selling my pieces at fairs. I was wondering if anyone knows of any craft fairs in Camnbridgeshire where I could sell them .


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    Handmade Craft Fair

    Hi Louise,

    I found a craft fair in Cambridge, but it's not until 5th December.
    If you google handmade craft fairs you should be able to find them.
    You may have missed the deadline for this one but might be worth to keep an eye on for future events?

    Hope it's of some help!



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      Not sure where in Cambs you are but Balsham Primary School has a 2 day craft fair every year in October - it's very well advertised and I have heard good things about it in the past but don't know if they'll be full for jewellery or not.

      There's also Chilford Hall in Linton - think they are quite expensive so imho probably only worth doing if your jewellery is in the higher price brackets.

      I think Cambridge itself has a craft market every Sunday but it's been a few years since I visited so I might be a bit out of date with that info.

      I used to have the info of quite a few craft fairs organised by the local schools but again I'm now a bit out of the loop - most of the village colleges in South & East Cambs seemed to run craft fairs a few times a year so could be worth contacting them all and asking.
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        If you're looking for Craft Fair in Cambridgeshire...


        Just thought I'd let you know about our annual Craft Fair which takes place at Stapleford Community Primary School, Stapleford, Cambridge.
        This year's event is taking place on 21st November. New stall holders are always welcome! If you'd like more information just email us! [email protected]