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    Your opinions and experiences please. I am looking for a new venue to book for a craft fair. When you are exhibiting do you prefer village hall type venues or hotels/conference rooms?
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    new venue

    Hi Liz
    I prefer village hall/ civic hall type venues both as a stall holder and as a visitor. I have been to some hotel venues in the past as a visitor and found them to be quite intimidating, and when you walk in the staff look at you as if thinking "not like our usual clientelle", also no atmosphere at the event, as if the stall holders thought the place was to grand for light banter.
    Hope this helps

    Cindy x

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      I feel the "right "location is more important that the venue.

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        I've not done many fairs in the last couple of years because of other things going on, but those I have done have been at the local wild bird trust and a green/environment friendly wildlife education type place and a couple of local schools.

        The one at the local bird trust site (Christmas last year) was very good, but the people who organised it also organise the education sessions AND they know what craft means! (There was no commercial tat there, it was all local crafters). I thoroughly enjoyed this and had hoped they would do one this summer (not so far) and another this Christmas.

        The wildlife place fairs have been established for a few years now, the building is not very old and it has a designated education room, but the girls who organise the fairs are very friendly, informative and helpful. The main room for the stalls is literally next door to the cafe area, separated only by floor to ceiling glass walls/doors, and the site is a place that many people visit on a regular basis or for an afternoon out. I have never seen anything other than hand crafted goods at these fairs, the majority of stall holders being local.
        I love doing these even though the price of the stall increased by 40% this year (council owned premises!)

        The local village school fairs (summer and winter) are a big mish mash of things and I rarely sell much, but they are minutes from home and I don't get charged for the stalls (I usually give a donation to funds depending on how sales go). It gets me out to the local community and I have had people contact me after the fairs and made further sales.

        The big Christmas fair I usually do is at a very large primary school about 20 miles from home. This fair has been established for over 20 years and the school has a large catchment area. There are a large proportion of hand craft stalls, together with the PTA, children's and teachers stalls and a refreshment area. The whole of the school is utilised and everything is well organised and friendly. If I could only do one craft fair a year it would be this one.

        I have done village hall fairs in the past and come out with varying opinions - some of the villages round here have more community spirit than others, and some of the villages have been seriously infiltrated by many "outsiders" who commute to the big cities for work and so aren't deeply into local social activities.

        Sorry, I've burbled on a bit here but I hope one or two of my comments will be of assistance.

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          Thank you for your comments. So far I have stuck to village halls but as Linda says community spirit can vary alot. I would like to find a town centre venue with more footfall but this creates a new set of problems - the two main ones being cost to hire and in town parking so i was considering a hotel or conference centre but I do agree the ambience (?) doesn't seem quite right - too corporate for crafts??

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