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Doing my first craft fair - any advice?

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  • Doing my first craft fair - any advice?

    Hi all

    I'm doing a craft fair on 11-12 July. It's my first ever fair, I currently sell through my website or Ebay shop but thought I would give this a go as I've been told I should a few times now, I'm quite nervous!

    Is there any advice you can give me i.e what to take, how to display things etc.

    One of the things I've struggled with is how much stock to make, you'll see from my website the types of things I make but I've recently introduced new colours and fabrics for each item and at the moment am taking one of each colour item and hope to let people know that if they would like something in a different colour I can do them an order. I guess it's a bit of trial and error for the first fair.

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Welcome to the forum. if you use the search option on the blue bar above there a quite a few threads on this subject with loads of hints and tips.

    Most of all dont forget a float, bags, a nice table cloth and give height to your diplays.

    ohh and food & drink.

    Hope you enjoy yourself.
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      Thank you I'll do a search. I did read back through a few pages and couldn't find anything but didn't think to use the search facility doh!


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        Hi - good luck!! I agree about doing the search as there have been lots of threads about craft fairs - particularly for first timers - and lots of advice from the more seasoned craft fair stall holders. One of my first things I did was compile a list of things I needed to take and used this for a check list on future occasions, you can add to this or take away as necessary. I have it on the computer and now I know that as long as I have ticked everything on my list I am organised (well generally!!). Setting up the table in advance at home is a tip also often given. More than anything relax and smile at your customers. Have fun.


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          I did my first craft fair last weekend and the two things my friend and I really took away was that we need height and light. Although between us we had some bracelet stands, a couple of necklace busts etc the majority of pieces were laid flat on the table, which we were advised not to do.

          We also couldn't believe the difference in having a light or two. We'd not taken any so another stall holder very kindly offered us a lamp that she had spare and the difference was unreal, so definitely have lights, especially if you're doing jewellery!

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            Thanks for all the advice I'm excited but nervous as well.

            I've just realised my website didn't appear in my post as I was expecting it to, I sell hand made gifts and items for the home. Shop name is Poppy and Primrose if anyone is interested enough to Google


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              I've just managed to track down this thread which I started last year and got some great advice on...


              Hope it helps and good luck with your first craft fair!!

              Laura xxx


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                I looked at your website - your things are lovely and you should be fine! All the advice given so far is great, although IMO lights are far more important for jewellery or small-scale items than for other stuff. I don't use them.

                You must have height in your stall.

                Yes, take orders, but some people walk away as they want them there and then. Some are more than happy to order. Be sure to let them know they can order online if they won't order there and then - a craft fair is good for marketing as well as selling.

                Do you do party plan? Market that too, especially if it's a local fair.

                Oh, and take an extra tablecloth. If the stallholder next to you doesn't turn up, you could end up with extra free space. It does happen.

                Notice what sells and what doesn't. It may be different from online. Learn from listening to customers - they ask for things you hadn't thought of, and you can develop your range this way. Don't take any negative comments to heart though. Some people just like a good moan.

                Above all, enjoy! Your fellow stallholders and customers will mostly be lovely.
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                  You don't mention where your fair is - there could be other forum members going - we are a friendly bunch and always pleased to put faces to names.
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                    Sorry, it's the Bedfordshire County Show in Biggleswade