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Displaying crafts at craft fairs

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  • Displaying crafts at craft fairs

    As usual I'm after some advice. My first craft fairs are looming and I have been thinking about how to display my items. I think it would be nice to have a two tier display, so that the items at the back are raised for people to see. Can anyone suggest what I can use / buy to do this and where I would get this from?

    I have found a some clear business card holders, leaflet holders and a sign / poster display which I think are worth getting and add a profressional touch to my stand. Any other ideas / thoughts on this?

    As usual, your help is much appreciated!!!
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    You could use the clear acrylic risers which are like a square C shape. you can get them in sets of three. alternatively, get some nice-looking stackable boxes/baskets at different heights. you can use them on top of your table cover or underneath some material. i use banana-leaf open boxes and have the open part facing behind the stand to use as cubby holes - very handy! if you want things to stand up, invest in some plate display stands. make sure you also have oodles of light so your products can be clearly seen.
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      Folding shelves are good I've seen them alot used a t fairs. picture stands to. Check out e-bay for display items. Sometimes you can pick up somebargins.
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        A nice friend offered to make us a shelf, I believe it was after my stressing out about it all which made him finally offer.

        It was dead simple, just a 4ft x 1.5ft strip of wood with chunks of wood either end and in the middle as legs. He was very apologetic about the look of it but with the table covering over it it was absolutely perfect - plus we could use the underneath as storage
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          Hi there, I also sell mirrors at craft fairs. I made 2 folding display stands - they're each made from two sheets of plywood hinged together (like an enormous greeting card!) with planks of wood securely attached along the bottom which allows me to g-clamp them to the table. It turns the table into a booth and allows me to display far more mirrors than using the table top alone, plus the height gets me noticed. I have a (not very good!) photo from my first craft fair which would probably make it clear what I'm on about, not sure if I've done enough posts yet to show it... will be back!
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