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Craft Fair on the Essex/Suffolk border.

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  • Craft Fair on the Essex/Suffolk border.

    This comes out of another thread.

    On 19th July there will be a Street Fayre in Long Melford.
    By it's name you might guess it has a very long street! It looks like being a very long fair.
    Long Melford is near Sudbury. It's a half hour drive north from Colchester.
    Set up at noon, starting at 3pm and running on until 8pm.
    Rosey Eade is the organiser. Please contact her not me (I'm off time travelling - no computers, no phones, ah bliss)
    Her email is rosey at ctms dot co dot uk (Convert the ats and dots - I don't want her to get spammed because of me).
    She'd like to get all the pitches sorted by next week so don't dilly dally if you think you'd like to take part.
    A business pitch is £30. A charity or community one seems to be free - but double check that.
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    Just wanted to add for those that don't know it - Melford is quite an affulent place and a frequent stop for tourists to this area due to it being pretty and having lots of 'quaint' shops.
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