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any one know of a crafts fare around Guildford

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  • any one know of a crafts fare around Guildford

    Hi all.

    It seems imposibble to find good crafts fairs these days to show my wares at. Does any one know of a really good crafts fair any where near Guildford Surrey?

    Have done the usual googl but not much seems to come up.

    Cheers in advance.

    Royston Upson
    Royston Upson

    Mokume Gane goldsmith

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    At the top of the page is a search facility for this site.
    If you use that you'll see there are loads of crafters in Surrey asking the same question.
    I suggest you join our gang. We are trying to do something about it, but at the moment we are banging our heads against brick walls.
    Hang around and you should spot our posts.
    (and Carolee)


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      even though i'm a newbie i'd love to try a fair in guildford area-just don't seem to be any.


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        You need to keep looking.
        I picked up a thread today which mentioned the Gumtree website. Lo and behold there is to be a (Christmas) craft fair in St Peters School, Guildford. There are others but I'm not free until August so I ignored the June, July ones.


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          Guys I may have your answer! I'm just dowm the road from Guildford and am hosting a brand new event in Alton which already has 50+ stallholders. It's only in a weeks time tho, the 20th. But I would love for you to attend!

          If your interested contact 07902011179 / 01420 80111 or email may be quicker [email protected]

          Should be good there is loads going on. x


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            Craft Fairs in Surrey

            We have a craft fair in Ewell Village on 7th November if any use to you?
            Last year it was very successful, so hopefully shd be even more so this year. Let me know if you want more details,


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              I think there is normally one held in the Cathedral nearer Christmas cannot find it now but may be worth checking the Guildford website


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                New to this and interested in fairs in Guildford area

                Hi all

                I am also new to this....I am also interested in fairs in the Guildford and surrounding area. Will check out Gumtree too...any other ideas?


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                  One place left in Dorking

                  Hi there
                  I've got one table left for a Craft Fair in Westcott, near Dorking on 21st November (11-4pm). Tables £10 each - admission fees go to MS charity. Already have glass, jewellery, candles, soap, preserves, handmade skincare, wooden products, cards etc. Please let me know if you have something different to offer and are interested in the Fair.
                  Jo Smewing