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Mums Night out - Beware!!!

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  • Mums Night out - Beware!!!

    Please ignore my previous post about this company.

    I have spoken directly with them and non of the information is true.

    Sincere apologies to Mums Night Out
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    Never heard of them, thankfully. Have you booked with them? If so I hope that you didn't have too many events booked.

    I have noticed recently an influx of what appear to be inexperienced organisers thinking they might be able to make a quick buck. Hiring a venue and charging crafters like us for a table. This might not be the case in this instance but it does seem to be happening.

    Claire x


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      oh I saw a link for them on the stallfinder website. Glad you told me as I was seriously considering contacting them to see if places left.
      My sisterinlaw and I have decided to do our own ladies afternoon off instead at her house with my cards and pendants and her avon to see how it goes.
      Thanks for the warning totallygifted!!


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        I think that more people are considering their own fairs because of the lack of local fairs. In staffordshire they are few and far between. I know totallygifted is setting one up which I sadly am unable to attend this time, as it looks really good, but apart from that I have to travel 1 1/2 hours to get to one and have given serious thought myself to putting one on somewhere. I didnt feel I could do it justice as its not an easy thing to do. I guess some people think its easy and bite off a bit more than they can manage to chew!!!


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          I hadn't booked but I know someone who had spent quite a bit!!

          I was also considering it......they looked like a great company, really professional.

          I worry (as an event organiser) that the reputation of the industry is being tarnished by firms with no scruples!
 .....beautifully handcrafted gifts

 & toddler fairs throughout the Midlands


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            Thanks for the heads up. I was in touch with them but never got back to the due to a week of internet problems. Perhaps it was a blesing being offline al week.

            It looked like such a good idea and website.

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              Ages ago I saw an advert in my local paper about the solihull mum's night out. I did contact them at the time to find out the stall fee - £200!
              I didn't take it up, I can't afford fees like that.
              They did say you can offset the stall fee by selling tickets for the event for them at £5 each. I did't take it up thankfully
              I saw an advert on netmums the other day saying it was free to get in now!
              Sounds like a shambles
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                My understanding is that the fee was dependant upon the size of your business. They didn't advertise it that way but they charged large companys £100's and small businesses £40/£50.

                Very unprofessional!!!
       .....beautifully handcrafted gifts

       & toddler fairs throughout the Midlands


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                  Thanks for the warning.